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  1. Ultrafast69

    CBS News Video - Electric Lady Studios

    CBS ran a news video on Electric Lady Studios this morning, and they did great job! Hendrix built this marvel at the height of his success, though was not able to use it but for the shortest of time. Studios have been taking hits with the internet leading way to new methods of making music...
  2. Ultrafast69

    You Hear What?

    I have made several friends in Audio around the country, and many of us have listened to each others systems - it is interesting to compare notes, and then ask the question, “You Hear What"?. Going back to the Yanny and Laurel playback asking what word you hear, I can’t help but think how this...
  3. Ultrafast69

    Emotional Rescue

    The title is taking from the Stones 1980 album release. There are the “what are you listening to now pages”, but nothing towards what song or album drives the Emotional Rescue. The following song has been in my head after a listening session at a local dealer with Some audiophile friends...
  4. Ultrafast69

    A Saturday Afternoon

    Exceptionally nice Northwest weather today; bit of yard work and cleaning up, off to a fun tavern with wife and friends for lunch and now sitting down at home for a listen, complete with warm amps...a great day! You?
  5. Ultrafast69

    2018 is about over. What did you do in Audio?

    I honestly can’t explain where 2018 went but it was not without it’s emotional highs and some lows, perhaps they call that life... Anyway, the biggest addition was my Brinkmann Nyquist MKII DAC, followed by a couple more HRS M3X platforms a set of Stillpoints Ultra 6’s under my Aurender N10...
  6. Ultrafast69

    Nyquist MK II DAC

    Hello WBF, for your reading and comment: I have had a learning, enjoyable and expensive last few years stepping back into hi end, hi-fi audio to enjoy both the music and the equipment. So as the journey continues, I recently sold my DAC and Transport and added a Brinkmann Nyquist MK II DAC...
  7. Ultrafast69

    Adcom GCD 575 - A dinosaur from the past?

    Hello WBF - Can an old work horse come out of retirement? From what I recall the Adcom GCD 575 turned some heads back in the day and that is what drove me to buy not only the CD player but an Adcom system when I had the chance to hear what I was reading at The Navy Exchange, Submarine Base...
  8. Ultrafast69

    What do you call it?

    How do you refer to audio? Hi-Fi? High End Audio? Stereo? Audio? Other What about Analog? Turntable? Record player? Other? Add other categories, if interested
  9. Ultrafast69


    After looking at some room setups, it begs the question who is more Organized; you the audiophile, your partner or are you about equal? In my case it’s me being more organized across the board, my wife accumulates whatever but only in her areas, and has passed this trait on to our kids. Her...
  10. Ultrafast69

    Happy Halloween

    Kids this year decided to stay home and hand out our full size mandatory candy bars. This allowed me to sit in the music room and watch the little goblins and ghosts from my recently installed Ring brand doorbell. Supporting the Ring, I installed an Eeros brand Mesh Network in the home...
  11. Ultrafast69

    Is it better or just different?

    Here is one for you... We all wonder what change will bring in our Audio Systems, but is it better or just different? Comment at will!

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