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    Share your experience with tweaks etc for your CH gear

    Hi, A few observations from me: 1) I am not going to start a debate on Roon but because of its architecture and communication protocol, the Roon server plays a very important role in terms of SQ. The C1 end point being very transparent, will show this matter up very clearly. I have tried...
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    C1/D1 optimisation with Streaming E/T card

    Marshall Nack first documented this tip and I was somewhat sceptical initially with his advice but he was quite correct. If you have a C1/D1 combo and you want to enjoy it to the max, you should not have the C1 connected to network. Having the C1 connected to the network does have an impact...
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    Incredible L1

    A few observations from me. For historical reasons, I ended up with a CH front end and a Soulution pre and amp (725 and 711). I have also auditioned the M1.1 + L1. The Soulution and CH pre+amps make an interesting contrast. The Soulution possesses a more bottom up sound and could be argue a...
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    Audio Beat describes the CH Digital System in depth by Roy Gregory

    Thank you Ralph. It is very kind of you to reach out. I will PM you for further advice. This brings us onto the question of CD spinning vs streaming. I have no doubt streaming is the way of the future but in the meantime, it is a question of switching cost. I have over 6000 CD and 1000 LP...
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    Audio Beat describes the CH Digital System in depth by Roy Gregory

    My first post on the forum, so a bit nervous! Not really! Having spent the last 3 years building a 4 box CH digital front end, I would concur with Roy’s article. Getting a C1+D1 is a no brainer, especially with the HD-Link. The next step is most difficult but I went with the T1 first as I am...

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