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    USB Cable recommendation

    Your system is no better than it's weakest link etc etc.... I would try to get a somewhat decent USB cable after all. My current personal favourite USB cable is the Sablon Audio 2020 model, although maybe a bit too expensive in your case, and then my second favourite and perhaps more price...
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    I ended up buying the Ypsilon Phaethon after testing a few other integrated amps at home, it was one of those moments when you plug something in and put music on play and you just realize immediately that this is something else. I've been nothing but happy with it. I could throw superlatives and...
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    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    I can only agree with the praise and what everyone else is already saying about this cable, but here's my story... Some years ago I tested quite a few different USB cables and various USB tweaks came and went, and in the end I settled with the original Phasure Lush cable which I thought was the...
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    LampizatOr Amber 2 - heavily underestimated gem

    Ohh, a magic trick with volume control? Sounds exciting... :) I don't think it would have changed anything for me at this time though, I'm using an integrated amp these days, it was part of my "scaling down while upgrading" project last year to move upwards with a better amp while getting rid of...
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    LampizatOr Amber 2 - heavily underestimated gem

    Yeah, even though I've had Lampis before I wasn't sure what to expect and I guess I was almost as blown away as when you and wisnon shared your listening experience. Immediately it actually felt like one of the larger upgrades I had done in quite some time, but then my system is also quite...
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    LampizatOr Amber 2 - heavily underestimated gem

    A good preamp is always a good idea, I used a Music First Baby Reference v2 with my Golden Atlantic even though I had volume control on the Lampi. Today I kind of like the simplicity of the DAC being a DAC only, nothing else. Anyway, good luck with the sale.
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    LampizatOr Amber 2 - heavily underestimated gem

    And I was a bit surprised to see that... of course it always comes to personal taste and matching with the rest of the system, but shortly after I got my Amber I told a local dealer I wouldn't exchange this DAC for anything (and gave a concrete example of a DAC priced at 5x Amber III). I just...
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    LampizatOr Amber 2 - heavily underestimated gem

    My Lampi journey started out with a Level 4 DSD, then moved on to Atlantic and Golden Atlantic (balanced with volume). After a while I guess I got spoiled with high performing DAC's and kind of forgot how important they are in the system. Somehow I believed technical advancement had come further...
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    Yes, as I'm currently interested in the integrated Phaethon I of course could not resist visiting the Ypsilon rooms. In their own room they played on the hefty Hyperions, the new DAC 1000 and new Wilson Benesch speakers. It's always difficult on a show to get what you are really listening to...
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    Best analog preamp for about $3000/3000€ ?

    I have a Music First Baby Reference v2 (with remote) and I can't recommend it enough! I even started out with their smaller Baby Classic and thought that was amazing, but in the end I couldn't resist upgrading to a BRv2, and I just couldn't imagine the impact it had to my system, it was a lot of...

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