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  1. rugyboogie

    Electrical power panel

    My off grid retirement home/cottage has come to the point that we are now getting to the electrical stage. Generating my power are 40PV x320, 8x75 and a three phase microhydro giving me 1500 to 1800w. Looking to see if someone here has used or has an opinion on has used an all copper electrical...
  2. rugyboogie

    Sound Quality Melco vs Aurender

    Haven't done digital music from a hardrive set up yet. I'm not a computer person so I want to make playing digital music a simple operation, so a one or two box solution is best for me/us. Have about 2000 CD's and about 80 SACD that my son managed to put on a hard drive for me. Having read good...
  3. rugyboogie

    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Have been building our retirement home on an Island that is off grid and boat access only. Background on build. The home will be powered by PV and MH. Heat is hydronic via Solar and a Wood Burning Gasification fireplace with a water jacket. No fossil fuels required for our home. The home has a...
  4. rugyboogie

    Trying to get it right first time around

    As some of you know I'm building my retirement home. It will have a dedicated music room for two channel music only. Room size is W16'x L24'x H10'. Side walls are 8" thick concrete. Floor is a 8" suspended concrete slab which will be power troweled/polished. Front where the speakers will be is...
  5. rugyboogie

    DIY stereo stand

    Hello to all of the DIY people out there. Thought that I would share a wood working project that I did for my component stand as well for my amps. The materials list is as follows. 1. Brazilian Cherry also know as Jatoba. Shelf material. 2. Wenge for washers. 3. Threaded brass rods. 4...
  6. rugyboogie

    Which amp or amps are darTZeel owners using with their NHB-18NS preamp

    The synergy between the darTZeel amp and preamp is undeniable. For me to swing the coin for both units was not in the cards last year. Therefore I purchased the NHB-18S to use with my existing amp. In my case I am using a Wyetech Topaz SET 211 A for a poweramp with great results. Would like...
  7. rugyboogie

    Hello from Vancouver BC

    Hi to All that strive for the Best ! Ever since I was in diapers I have been listening to music. That's my Dad's fault. My Dad's HIFI system back in the 60s comprised of JBL's , Marantz, and a Dual table. Well lots of time has passed...

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