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  1. ALF

    Sale posting...

    Hello, I am trying to place a sale classified for an American Sound AS2000 Turntable. I’m wondering if it is too heavy :)...the posting is not going through. Admin help, thanks!
  2. ALF

    American Sound 2000

    My dear friend David (DDK) was kind enough to encourage me to pick up his last available AS2000. We are several weeks out for the delivery and I have a few items to find new homes for to make room for the incoming delivery. If you may have an interest on any of the below items, please feel...
  3. ALF

    For Sale: Lamm LP2.1 Deluxe Demo phonostage with the upgraded 31dB SUT

    Hello, I have a lightly used Demo, as new, Lamm LP2.1 Deluxe phonostage with the upgraded 31dB SUT. This unit will come with the full Lamm Industries warranty, $5890.00. Cheers, ALF Alamo Audio and Vinyl Authorized Lamm Industries Dealer
  4. ALF

    Speaker Oasis...Bionor

    Greetings, All! I have been fortunate to visit several audio friend's systems over the last several years. My travels have taken me, near and wide...visiting with Albert in Dallas, Mike in the Pacific Northwest, Syntax in the Bavarian Alps, and a "roomplay" session with wild-man Jim in...
  5. ALF

    Refund problem

    Hello, I have a question; is anyone here familiar with or has any business dealings with a person named Axinia Schaefer in Germany? This person has also used an alias, I believe that it was "Kasugi" on eBay, while selling an English version of a German book by Dietrich Brakemeier...Living...
  6. ALF

    Wilson Alexandria Speakers...Why not a bi-amp solution from Wilson for this chassis?

    I have these speakers, Desert Silver, and I have always wondered why Wilson does not allow a bi-amp solution within this chassis? It seems that this could be a super solution to address bifurcating the amplifier demands that are presented with this speaker. Any thoughts?

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