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    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    Looks like you had a good time. Interesting results. Surprise preamp module performance until Femto 33. Now the BIG decision. :)
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    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    Soulution 511 would be fantastic. Heard MSB 202 at Wilson and MSB event and found sound bit dark on the Alexx. I much prefer Agostino Momentum on the Wilson. If only digital, get MSB Reference DAC and sacrifice the Soulution 520 :) Good Luck!
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    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    Interesting! Does dealer have any insight if common compatibility issues between the brands or just an anomaly? What's next amp? It's not surprising you prefer going direct from MSB to amp. Just accept it and write the check :) I'm going direct from latest Soulution 560 DAC with Leedh...
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    best cost no object, cables

    Enklein "David" cables. Using full loom of PC, IC and SC. Completely changed my perspective and priority on cables.
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    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    From my experience, No. As long as impedance between amp and pre compatible.
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    A1 vs A1.5 vs M1.1

    Is "big step up" mainly in current delivery and/or sound quality?
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    RIP - Heartfelt thanks to Paul Chambers of Goodwin's High End!

    Very sad news indeed. First met Paul when he was working at Stereo Shop on Mass Ave. in Arlington, MA. Great guy with a sense of humor. Bought my 1st High End pieces, Krell KSA100s and Sonic Frontier SFL-1 from them. RIP Paul!
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    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    Definitely a WOW after adding each Enklein "David" cable.. PC -> SC -> IC. I'm one of 99% that has a budget. Pretty much done this year. Probably revisit M400 next year. Only allow myself waste so much $$ each year on this hobby. :) What's remarkable with Enkein is improvement in my lower...
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    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    No, never considered bi-amping. System in family room (33 ft x 25 ft x 15 ft) on 25 ft wall and amps have no problem filling the big room. Had Hegel H30, sounds different but don't remember any memorable advantages with SS. Your CR-1 is bit less efficient so results may differ. I see...
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    Magico A5s arrive at Rhapsody....color me confused;)

    How about a pair of S5MK#? Yes. After driving off the lot, don't want buyers to suffer huge depreciation. Just ask Raidho owners. Also resale value will help when time to upgrade Don't get me wrong, I think it's great Magico can produce better products at lower cost. Just need better...
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    Magico A5s arrive at Rhapsody....color me confused;)

    Wait another week, new A3MK2 will blow away A5 at lower MSRP. This is all great news for new buyers but not so good resale value for existing owners.
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    Power Amp for Magico Q3

    Demoed Q3 several times at Goodwin's in Waltham, MA before purchasing TAD E1s, my favorite amp was Constellation Centaur. You can probably pick up stereo version used under $10k
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    I am sick of failing amplifiers

    One positive with COVID is light traffic where I can enjoy my 911. Traffic has picked up past week but still light and people are driving fast.
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    Yes, was offer excellent deal purchasing both. No problems with SQ but at the time, I have VAC SigMKIIa SE preamp. I've always prefer transformer coupling tube preamps. Usually more neutral and lower output impedance.
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    What Soulution model? Did you connect by XLR or RCA? I'm considering Soulution pre but heard sounds best RCA. Some of my amps are XLR input only. I have CAT JL7 and one of the best regardless tube or SS. It's unfortunate CAT doesn't get the attention as more popular brands.
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    Lamm ML3 + LL1, at last!

    Bought bunch of 6N30P-DR from Upscale years ago for a preamp that never materialized. Maybe I could sell to fund early retirement? :D
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    VAC 452 iQ review in Stereophile

    Try $75K each. $150K for mono configuration.
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    VAC 452 iQ review in Stereophile

    OTL? Really? I suggest CAT.
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    VAC 452 iQ review in Stereophile

    If you still have the VAC, try KT150. It's a more durable, reliable and neutral tube. I know a VAC 450 owner prefers KT150 in his monos.
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    Looking for best pre amplifier under $12k

    Get a VAC Signature MKIIa SE. SQ equally excellent via XLR or RCA . Transformer coupling with low impedance that will drive most amps. Only uses a pair of 6922/e88cc and very sensitive to tube rolling. Excellent customer service. I just sold mine for personal reasons and NOT...
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    This Corona Virus Mania is Just Too Much, We All Need to Chill!

    My office closed until 4/30 and been working from home. Just thinking probably need to rearrange office spaces before returning to office again. All the open spaces sitting closely together, meetings in crowded conference rooms ....
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    This Corona Virus Mania is Just Too Much, We All Need to Chill!

    I was wearing a pony tail for years. Finally decided change is needed, old hair dresser no longer around so tried cutting my own hair. Bought 3 panels mirror that hangs in shower .... now only takes 20 minutes with my Braun electric hair clipper. Experiment different styles .... kind of fun :)
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    Pimped out Premier or Lampi Pacific?

    I believe he was dealer for both. He experienced problems on most or all his Lampizators so dropped the line.
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    CAT JL7. High power triode should do the trick!
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    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    JL7 is a special amp. Recently replaced stock driver tubes with 60's Siemen e88cc and with KT150s, SQ is amazing. Had family over the holidays and my brother want me to sell all my other amps and just keep JL7. His analogy ... have a Ferrari, why keep Honda, Toyota around. WOW! I never...
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    New Ref 6SE and Ref 750SEL

    Well, you could always buy a wire and 12 caps and DIY???
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    Power Tube Retailers For CAT Amps

    Brent Jesse is my NOS tube go to guy. I've had good luck with Upscale Audio re-tubing my ARC so probably try them. KT120 is stock in my CAT JL7 so thinking rolling some KT150s. SQ is sooooo... good now probably just enjoy and roll later.
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    On the subject of tweaks!

    This is a PERFECT description after replacing my sources with CC.
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    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    While SS amp shopping for my TAD E1, ended picking up a pair of Convergent Audio Technology JL7. Still have the ARC REF250SE ... triode vs push pull, different sound and very enjoyable. Both high current amps should be able to drive new speakers when I upgrade .

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