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    Are there sonic differences between tape transports?

    I would recommed an A80 for acetate tape and older tapes that may have some age-related condition issues. I've never broken a splice or 1.0 mil tape of any kind on that model. With the Sony APR and A827's you must be more careful. Ditto with the Ampex ATR unless it is set up with lower torque in...
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    Are there sonic differences between tape transports?

    That all depends on your appetite for maintenance, upkeep and finding the right example. Is this for playback only, record only or a mix. That matters, because certain mastering machines are good at both, some are superior more for playback. And then, what kind of tape are you wanting to run...
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    Studer a80 capstan motor service

    Studer never produced exploded views of the A80 Capstan motor. If yours is defective, your best bet is to find a spare from a deck that someone is parting out. Once you have that, feel free to open up the original and look at it. A schematic wont help you unless you can resurface the shaft and...
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    Studer A80 capstan capacitor question

    The Rifa suppression caps were chosen for the same reason they were chosen for the A77, and also the reason Studer used Frako and Philips. They met spec, were locally manufactured, and less expensive than alternatives.
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    Nagra T

    Nagra T is like the space shuttle. Cool, but it'll break you to keep it running. Plus the heads on Nagra's dont sound as nice as Studer 316/317. Might I suggest a Revox A77HS with updated playback cards?
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    Studer A80 capstan capacitor question

    Don't change the motor caps. They may be Frako, but they are a very high quality polypropylene type. The dissipation factor of those caps is lower than anything you can sub in there today at reasonable cost. They do not dry out or leak.
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    Studer A80R

    Unless they're shorted. Most A80's used tantalums (yellow) vs. the orange solid aluminum types used in the A800 forward. Getting back to the issue, change that big ass electrolytic on the logic board and clean the edge connections with a white pencil eraser and reseat. I've never had one of...
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    Comparing Reissued LPs to Analogue Productions Tapes

    With original RCA releases, (classical only) the lacquers were cut immediately after production of the session mixdown tape. The two-track prerecords were made from a copy of the mixdown tape many months later. High frequencies on Scotch 111 fade somewhat after 48 hours, and RCA knew this.
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    Tape Pancakes, Oh No!

    Plastic. -- Why --? 1. They don't warp. 2. Assembling hubs and flanges is nearly impossible to get right. The hardware usually supplied with them cant develop the torque to get the reel to stay aligned.
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    Studer A807 recording only on 1 channel

    The 807 doesn't have left/right record cards. Plus, that would not solve the erase issue. Sounds like the issue here is in the logic. Put a heat imager on the logic board and look for hotspots. You may have some bad IC's or a drooping supply line that is causing the logic to drop after the...
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    Studer A80 Vumeters behavior

    I can not view the video however all A80RC's I have used over the years have tended to thwack the meters, approx. 1/2 second after initial power up, or flutter less intensely a couple of times before settling down. I wouldn't worry.
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    Setting repro head azimuth

    Well, sure they are. You would not align a machine for broadcast or duplication with a calibration tape without regard to output level and say that is has been lined up. Otherwise, your levels could be all over the place. I think what Bruce B. is saying is that if you are taking the time to...
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    Playing a 3 Track Tape on a 2 Channel Stereo

    Well, sure that deck existed. More specifically, the photo shows a plastic 7" take-up reel on the machine. AFAIK, plastic 1/2" reels were never produced, so the tape in the photo would have been 1/4". The deck may have been fitted to play both 1/4" and 1/2" tapes. Playing the three tracks on the...
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    Advice in buying a Studer A80

    As a well-known sound engineer once told me: "Buy the machine with the best heads and dullest looking capstan shaft." No heads, no machine.
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    Studer A80 serial number

    Generally, the earlier A80's were MK I's in VU enclosure. Later A80's were generally RC's with the more "modern" meter bridge with the larger VU's. Later A80's also had the stereo/mono switch and LOC functions on the plinth. The record oscillator card was also revised for faster punch-in.
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    Setting repro head azimuth

    Playback a 16K test tone for maximum output. (Coarse) Fine tune for minimum spread using X-Y. Watch your hearing. Use protection if possible.
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    Original retail prices of Studer tape decks

    US list price (converted from CHF) for a standard Studer A-810/2-track butterfly heads, 3-speed 4-pole capstan motor with trolley was approximately $14.4 K at the end of its run around 1991.
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    Playing a 3 Track Tape on a 2 Channel Stereo

    The system in that photo is a only prop. There were no commercially available open reel decks equipped with 1/4" three track heads. Three track 1/2 " configurations were used early on by RCA and Columbia initially on Ampex 300's, to record both the center track for the mono release, and provide...

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