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  1. perart1

    AMR PH-77

    We hear a lot about the CH Precision phonostage with its range of equalisation curves, and if you were in Munich this year you might have caught Roy G's presentation illustrating their differences. Anyway i was wondering if anyone has an informed opinion about AMR's PH-77 phono stage. This is a...
  2. perart1

    Audiomeca Belladonna Turntable

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this TT with the Septum Arm. This was the last TT that Pierre Lurne made before his car accident prevented him from continuing. For those who do not know; he played a large part in the design of the Goldmunf Ref and the T3F/ T5 arms as well as the...
  3. perart1

    Graham Arm Wands

    A few years ago I remember seeing a picture of an s shaped armwand for the Graham arm and M Fremmer mentioned in on of his commentaries. Does anyone know if this ever materialised as a commercial product. If it did then The Graham arm would be approaching a complete system. All he need is to add...
  4. perart1

    Lyra Erodian

    Doers anyone know if Lyra's latest Erodian Evo can handle their low ouput cartridges. I assume that their earlier one (the red one) cannot. Has anyone been able to compare the Erodian with the connossieur phono? Peter
  5. perart1

    Lyra Connoisseur 4.2L

    I might have a chance to buy a Lyra connoisseur 4.2L line stage. I already have the phonostage. As I believe that gain marching between the pre and power amp is critical; I was wondering if anyone on the forum can tell me the gain of the line stage. There is little information out there apart...
  6. perart1

    Lyra Olympos

    Does anyone now if Lyra are still building the Olympos from a donor parnassus cartridge. The message I got from the UK importer was that they no longer offer the conversion. Has anyone had one had one done recently? Peter
  7. perart1

    Palmer 2.5 TT

    I do not know if many people have any experience of this TT. It seems to be one of a small group that punch above their weight. Another that springs to mind is the Artemis Labs. interestingly they both are no longer made (I think), whilst the DP and the Nordic Labs are. The Palmer was supported...
  8. perart1

    Lyra connoisseur 4.0 line stage

    Does anyone know if the line stage can be reconfigured easily from 100v to 240v, or should one just use a step down transformer (another box!) Also can anyone tell me the difference between the 4.0 and the 4-2 line stage? Peter
  9. perart1

    Lyra Connoisseur 4-2P SE

    This is really about compatibility and best fit. I know that there are a number of members who have a lot of experience of the above and was wondering if any of you could share you views as to which cartridges you have found work well with the phono stage, other than the obvious Lyra. My...
  10. perart1

    Verdier Platine

    This certainly a long shot.. I know a number of Verdier owners have modified their decks in one weay or anther; power supply, motor, belts etc. I have a Verdier heritage/granito and am looking to add tonearm pod and here is a picture of someone who has done it a bit differently. does anyone...

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