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    Our Plans for the NEW FORUM

    Astrostar, while I may not be a big poster here I have read a lot of the discussions and want to say how much I appreciate your (and everyone else’s) efforts in bringing this forum into being and allowing so much knowledge to be so freely shared. Many thanks indeed!
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    How satisfied?

    I know the feeling well Bodhi!
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    How satisfied?

    There is a Zen saying that goes, ‘If you are not satisfied with what you have, why want more’? Sometimes the striving state of mind is just that, a striving state of mind, of which there are more than likely a few like that residing in this neck of the woods. I have a bit of that myself to be...
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    Fremer tours Dartzeel + new pre amp

    Not only that but volume of potential sales against design and manufacturing costs. In the case of the 458, Hervé didn’t believe it would sell in great numbers because of the expense but against the odds (and price) it did. It would be an expensive process to design and build the metalwork for...
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    Dartzeel Preamp Hiss

    Knowing what the little 108 can do Howie I don’t think it will take much convincing but you never know.
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    Dartzeel Preamp Hiss

    I’ve never had the pleasure to hear the 458’s never mind the 468’s. They are waaaaay out of my price range but would love to hear how you get on with them.
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    Fremer tours Dartzeel + new pre amp

    At 48 minutes in Hervé is about to say what they will release before the new pre amp when Fremer interrupts him. It’s never mentioned again but does anyone have any ideas?
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    Dartzeel Preamp Hiss

    Hey Howie, are you planning on trying the 468’s?
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    Dartzeel Preamp Hiss

    Hi Howie, am glad you got to the bottom of the problem, would very much like to hear how you get on with it after you have enjoyed it in your system for a bit. Just wondered if you have tried the 108 as well?
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    Dartzeel Preamp Hiss

    hi Howie, Just to say my Dart pre is dead quiet and have no audible hiss or buzz, this is something not associated with the pre amp in general. When I first got it I did have a bit of hiss which was diagnosed by Herve Delétraz as me having the power amp too close to the pre amp when I was...
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    Fremer tours Dartzeel + new pre amp

    In case any Dart fans hadn’t seen this, Fremers recent trip around the Dartzeel facilities with Herve showing him the faceplate and ‘pleasure control’ for the new pre amp. Enjoy!!
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    Linn Sondek LP12 Akurate Set Up

    An experienced guy would probably take just a couple of hours to do the whole thing but I can understand newly trained persons taking a while longer. As long as it’s done correctly and it sounds good in the end.
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    darTZeel NHB-108 Model 2 - The Best Stereo Amplifier In The World Just Got Way Better!

    Alistair, will very much look forward to to hearing your thoughts on it after it arrives back from Hervé. Little wonder you’re excited, should be good.
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    If you really want to get peoples shut your forum down for a month or so!

    Here is probably far too round Earth for most Linnies. They would most likely feel sullied scrolling through the site to get to the Linn section and therefore not visit.
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    If you really want to get peoples shut your forum down for a month or so!

    Davey, I frequented the Linn forum since I have an LP12 myself. Like many I was more than a bit dismayed at the forum being shut down but can’t see myself visiting the Wam site just to look for Linn info. Whether they (Linn) have booted themselves in the Cost del Sols will remain to be seen but...
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    New 108 amp model two

    Winson, I have a 108 with a pair of loudspeakers that would benefit from a bit more power and control. Hervé I’m sure was just being modest when he said that I would ‘enjoy the lift in performence’ last time I was in touch with him which was about a year ago. Am definitely looking forward to...
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    New 108 amp model two

    I did see that Winson, you did hear it but said nothing really about the sound or how it compared to a standard 108 which is what I am hoping to find out. So rather than ask how if anyone has heard it I’ll ask now if anyone has heard it and care to describe how the new amp sounds?
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    New 108 amp model two

    Has anyone heard one or are they not available yet?
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    Which Speakers for Dartzeel NHB-108B and NHB-18NS Combo?

    I take it you mean that the EA loudspeakers were designed using Dartzeel amps rather than the other way around. If I remember correctly the 108 was designed using Redeko (sp?) loudspeakers (a now defunct brand) amongst others.
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    NHB-108 model one

    Drikus, I have a pair of B&W 802 Diamonds on the end of my 108 which are a much tougher load than your Ovators. While it may not have the last ounce of drive and control on these it is certainly loud enough and has plenty of slam and pazazz to enjoy. I had Naim DBL's & 3 X NAP500's previously...
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    Full Limited Edition Aries Cerat System Build and World Exclusive LEGEND Series!

    Thanks for that Flyer but am a good thousand miles away from you as is. However I will keep your offer in mind should I be in the Brussels area. Many thanks.
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    Full Limited Edition Aries Cerat System Build and World Exclusive LEGEND Series!

    Yes agreed, very well put. The only thing I have not liked about this thread is only having the one sound clip of your system Billy, it sounds just sooooooo good and ALIVE! It's great to see/hear of a happy and balanced audiophile (they can be few and far between) and to me at least, you seem to...
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    Broken “Diamond Tweeter”

    I have just replaced one of my diamond tweeters in my 802's. I don't have the bill yet but I believe they are in the £5-600 range. Not crazy expensive but you don't want to be popping then with any regularity. I first noticed that the balance was out and that the dynamics of the music was way...
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    My TAD DA1000 sounds a click just before a track starts and just after it stops

    Yukster, Just wondering if you got this fixed. I had a cheap Rega DAC back in the day that did that.......really annoying!! However it was sent back to them to check out and was returned with a software update free of change that cured the problem.
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    PRaT: "Pace Rhythm and Timing" or "PRetentious audiophile Trash"?

    Naim were at least (don't know about now), always keen to state the transient response time of their amplifiers, something that indicated to me that they thought this was an important part of amplifier design, at least to get the sound they were looking for. They also always (back in the day)...
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    New NBH-18NS mkII

    From the note darTZeel send out; A new, gorgeously minimalist display with its 24k golden plated glass, indicating volume level, as well as giving access to several menu layers for enhanced features like volume presets, source sensitivity, battery handling, etc. What is in the 'etc' bit...
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    My new update darTZeel

    Just beautiful!! I'll get my pre updated someday but 458/468's may be a long way off. Ho-hum. Can I came round for a listen?
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    Welcome Xander and a trip to Mikes place.

    Such a great story, brought me back to being blown away on hearing a Linn Isobariks and Naim six-pack system as a young 20 year old. It is refreshing to hear of you taking the time to let a young person hear what a high end system can do. Xander may have been lost for words after hearing Mikes...
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    I got a new titanium arm.

    Ouch Marty, I have a nice T-shaped piece of titanium in my wrist so I feel your pain. Keep up the exercises and I hope you get your full movements back soon. Best, Sean.
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    Vinyl absolutly to buy

    Listening to the Etta Cameron recording on Tidal as I type this...........very good! Thanks for the recommendation Gian.

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