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    Avalon Osiris , my next project!

    Congrats Jurgen. They are impressive and beautiful. Enjoy in good health.
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    Long Runs of Unbalanced Interconnects

    Are long runs (> 17ft) of unbalanced interconnects detrimental to sound quality and noise suppression?
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    Cartridge for Breuer 8C MkII

    Someone said the same thing to me. I've never heard my Dynavector sound tilted up, but I've always used it in heavier arms. Currently sounds great in my Schroder CB.
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    Cartridge for Breuer 8C MkII

    I would totally welcome recommendations of some cool vintage mm cartridges!
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    Cartridge for Breuer 8C MkII

    According to this, the cartridge range for the Type 8 is 2-8 grams, but I believe the 8C can accommodate heavier cartridges due to its split counterweight.
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    Cartridge for Breuer 8C MkII

    I'm seeking suggestions for a cartridge to complement my newly acquired Breuer. Budget is up to $6K, but I have a little flexibility. I already have a XV1-t on a Schroeder CB, so am seeking a different sound. I listen to a lot of jazz, pop, rock, electronica and singer-songwriter. Thanks!
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    LessLoss Cables

    I’m seeking first hand user experience with LessLoss cables that can share their opinion, both good and bad, of this company’s cables and filters. Thanks.
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    EMIA SUT's---both silver and copper 120 L

    I have the Emia MC Trio with silver transformers and I can only echo Mike’s sentiments.
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    I'd be interested in WE 104D globes and Type 50 tubes. Thanks.
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    The Dereneville Turntable Motor

    Has anyone listened to the Micro Seiki Tribute ( ) with the Dereneville motor/controller (
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    Anyone got any experience of the Glanz MH-124S tonearm?

    Such problems you face!;)
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    Anyone got any experience of the Glanz MH-124S tonearm?

    Will you be trying a SPU on the Glanz? I'm very curious about that combo. Thanks.
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    SET amp owners thread

    I own an older pair of Jeffrey Jackson's Experience Music Type 50 monos, which I believe are somewhat similar to the Emia Type 50's. I use them to drive my 3-way horns that are approximately 107db efficient. I love them. In fact, someday I may inquire about upgrading to silver transformers.
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    Best tables from 1991 as per Voyd

    I owned a Roksan TMS2, which I really enjoyed. When Roksan ceased production of the TMS line, dealers were blowing out the TMS3 at ridiculously low prices. Wish I bought one.
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    SET amp owners thread

    I used to own Daedalus Ulysses. While a fine sounding speaker, I think its efficiency is overstated. I used Pure Sound 845 monos which worked well, but a low wattage SET would not be appropriate.
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    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    I live in North Jersey and would welcome the opportunity to visit to listen to the Galder when possible.
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    Kuzma Stabi M

    Has anyone been able to compare the Stabi M to the Stabi R that can offer impressions? Thanks.
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    SET amp owners thread

    Great info and much appreciated. I will take a pass on exploring this amp. Thanks.
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    SET amp owners thread

    What about the difference in sound between the 211 and 572B? Thanks.
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    SET amp owners thread

    The seller of the Wyetech lives about 10 minutes from me. Hmmmm.
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    SET amp owners thread

    When you find such an amp, please let me know. I currently use Type 50 SET monos, which maybe put out 2 watts, on my 105db horns in a 30 x 18 x 9.5 room. Sounds great, but I'm interested in trying an amp with a bit more headroom.
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    What stepup for the Kiseki Purpleheart?

    Can you come over to my house to straighten up my listening room?
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    Kuzma Stabi M

    Has anyone compared the Stabi R to the Stabi M that can opine on the differences and similarities?
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    Brinkmann’s new direct drive Taurus looks worthy of investigation.
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    Your Personal Top Three Speaker-Amp Combos That You've Actually Heard.

    Agree, Jeffrey's system is the finest I've ever heard and not by a small margin. Next best was a pair of Wilson Wamms bi-amped with 2 Naim 500s in a large loft in Brooklyn. At the time, I thought it was a strange combination, but boy did it sound incredible. I also really enjoyed my ATC 50s...
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    AIR TIGHT ATH-2 Reference SUT

    I recently acquired an Emia MC Trio with silver step-ups. It’s very flexible and sounds beautiful.
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    Analog Magik

    I plan on buying an inexpensive laptop for the AnalogMagik software on Black Friday. I have been looking at the Lenovo Ideapad 130s, which is on sale for $99. Does anyone know what the minimum system requirements are? Thanks!
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    Most beautiful amp and or preamp

    I love the laboratory look as well, and few exceed the Futterman OTL-1.
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    Most beautiful amp and or preamp

    Technics SU-A2 and SE-A1
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    Thomas Schick tonearm

    Thanks for the response Leif. I recently demoed the Long Dog Audio P/S on my 301 and it didn’t seem to have an impact on SQ or speed stability. I’d very much like to try the HAT.

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