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    how to watch surround videos on stero system

    Hello! Is there a way to watch videos with surround audio on a two channel system? I want to use the stereo system with power amp and speakers to watch videos with 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound in the 2.0 system. What is the easiest way? Edit: I researched and saw that I can connect the audio...
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    Doubts about speaker and room size.

    Interesting your placement in relation to the bass sound, yes, if possible I would like to read more about this subject. It is always good to add more knowledge. The bass sound within the electronic musical style, placed in an intelligent way, without exaggeration, plus the other elements of...
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    Doubts about speaker and room size.

    Your opinion was very important, I am really grateful. I also received advice that I should expect installing the speakers before making any acoustic treatment in the room. Once the system is up and running I will see the real need for some treatment for the room, when everything is installed...
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    Doubts about speaker and room size.

    Yes, I believe that the choice of speaker is based not only on the synergy between the space of the room and the speaker, but also on personal taste, preferred music style, among other personal characteristics. It would be nice to be able to analyze some speakers in person, but I am unable to...
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    Doubts about speaker and room size.

    Yes, I prefer floor stading speakers, I intend over time to do acoustic treatment in the room, depending on the need, I'm reading about it. In your room, did you install the treatment yourself? Or did you hire a specialist? I don't know many audio specialists here in Brazil. But I will follow...
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    Doubts about speaker and room size.

    Hello guys, I need your help on which type of speakers to buy for the room space I have available, its a room with these measurements: 8.40ft height, 12.30ft width and 21ft depth. My room will be dedicated, partially closed, with only one opening on the right side opposite the speakers. My...
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    Boulder 2110 Series

    I just saw, the 2150 also needs a 30a outlet. No problem, I can use exclusive 30a outlet for each amplifier monoblock. What power cord do you use on the 3060? Did you place a special order for a cable manufacturer? Thankyou
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    Boulder 2110 Series

    Hello guys! What do you think of pairing a Sonus Faber Aida II with Boulder 2150? Thanks
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    The new Aida reviewd by Michael Fremer

    When you heard aida II, do you remember which amplifier was used with Aida II? I am researching which amplifier goes well with aida ii, if they need a lot of power to sound good.
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    M12 Gold Switch

    So, I should only specify the inclusion of the cable at the time of purchase. Seeing here, it is a cable with m12 / neutrik speakon connectors. I will look for more information from users and reviews about the product, but from what I saw it would be a good option, the m12 switch along with the...
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    M12 Gold Switch

    I'm thinking of buying the M12 Gold Switch, along with some LPS. I have a question, what is the power connector of the M12 and Optimo 3 Duo? What type of power cable is used to connect them?
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    My doubt was just that, if I would have any benefit in the system with Gaia DDC between Extreme server and Terminator dac. Apparently Gaia will not be necessary, since according to your answer Taiko Extreme and Termintor have great usb output/input.
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    Which are your future plan?

    I'm going to build my first system with speakers, so far I've always used headphones. Researching which dac, preamp, amp, cables and speakers I am going to buy, there are so many options, brands, models. Wilson audio as a speaker, dac researching about pacific lampizator or maybe a cheaper one...
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    State-of-the-Art Digital

    Olá João, sou de Santa Catarina. Have APL equipment arrived? How has the experience been? I'm doing research to build my system as well.
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Hello! I am going to buy a denafrips d/d Gaya and Terminator Plus dac and I am researching a music server as well. Has anyone on the forum ever used Taiko Extreme with Denafrips Gaya? or with some other d / d? I would like to know how Taiko Extreme does with a d/d converter between it and a dac...

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