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    Vanderhall Navarro

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    10 Albums You Need to Know: October 2020
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    Esperanza Spalding LIVE- 9/20/20

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    2020 Golden Ear Awards: Allan Moulton
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    Audience Introduces its JEWEL CableLifter

    You're right, Audience's cables are rather thin compare to the overpriced fat ones. I had my woodworker make me some lifts for my Audience frontRow speaker cables from Jatoba wood to match the equipment stand he made for me. The red CAT5 cable goes from my NAS to my Auraliti PK90 w/linear PSU.
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    Audience Introduces its JEWEL CableLifter

    Got some info from John: 1) this is an exact design that Audience has used for 20 years, a 2” cube for a lower profile set up. 2) the material is a dense polymer. 3) the logo is only fully apparent when looking right down into it. Otherwise it just adds some pretty gold reflections against the...
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    Audience Introduces its JEWEL CableLifter

    I'll ask John next week.
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    Audience Introduces its JEWEL CableLifter

    They'd be a lot nicer without the ugly label. ;-)
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    Audience Introduces its JEWEL CableLifter

    San Marcos, CA, August 25, 2020 -- Audience today announced the introduction of its JEWEL CableLifter, designed to raise cables off floors, and distance the cables from each other. The new JEWEL CableLifter is ideal for use underneath power cords, speaker cables and interconnects. Elegant and...
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    Chronosonic XVX.

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