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    Roon card for 1611F and N31

    At Kyomi Audio, we are among the very first users of the newly designed Roon card for MBL DACs by Jürgen Reis. All we can say is wow!! It took Jürgen a long time to develop and he made something truly spectacular. He personally told me that he galvanically isolated everything that he possible...
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    G1 Spirit

    G1 Spirits loving the Jadis 40W/CH pure class A Jadis 845 NEC amps!
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    Jadis 845NEC

    Some years ago, when I first met Jadis designer JC Calmettes, I asked him which were the best sounding Jadis amps. He replied - 845NEC. Those were the newest design 40W/CH push pull mono blocks with a pair of 845 triode on each side. When I visited Jadis factory, I asked JC to demonstrate the...
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    Jadis 845NEC has landed!

    We are thrilled to announce the first North American showing of arguably the best sounding Jadis amplifiers, the 845NEC. A pair of 845 SET tubes per channel deliver 40W of pure class A sound. We just completed the burn-in process and they are ready to rock at the Big Raidho/Kyomi Audio room...

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