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    What's Your Favorite Single Malt Scotch

    What Chinese like very much is Kweichou Moutai, few years old bottle ( not many years ) would cost about 600 to 700 euro ( 0,5 lit ) Can the taste be compared to any single malt? No way, however it depends on who expresses the opinion.
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    The Absolute Sound review FM

    The sub speakers are/ were not driven separately but in combination with the main 7 drivers 5 way speakers. When Mr. Huber disconnected main speakers one could not hear the subs, they played again when main speakers amps switched on again. No masking or "" overpotent" boom boom or feeling...
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    The Absolute Sound review FM

    One nice presentation of FM phono lineariser was when Mr. Huber put on the tt seriously scratched ( intentionally done in the past, probably by knife ) lp record and after playing "scratched music", pressing one button and the music played was totally "clean", without any scratches sounds etc...
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    The Absolute Sound review FM

    Thanks bonzo75 for above to help those who are deeply interested for FMA to get more detailed explanations and comparisons......
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    The Absolute Sound review FM

    Hi LL21 Unfortunately I cannot use any comparison. I wanted to hear FMA system playing at Munich 2019 High-end event, however due to different reasons I did not in spite of being there. As you know much better than me, not so easy to audition the FMA system, especially if we are talking about...
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    The Absolute Sound review FM

    CKKeung thanks, I saw these photos on Monoandstereo website. Actually I was there when Matej Isak of Monoandstereo was taking these photos. I did not post my own photos which are more or less same. Spent there about five hours listening different music genres. Fantastic with one word. Top...
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    The Absolute Sound review FM

    Today there was a world premiere presentation of the new FM sub speaker. Fabulous sound in combination with their best speakers. No idea about technical details and price.

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