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  1. Imperial

    Calvados/Apple brandy

    Well, this is sort of the Cognac made from apples. Tastewyze, rather different really. But a Fave of mine!!! So, beeing from the beautiful country of Norway I have to tell you guys of two absolute amazing types from the 'ol home... First, a long standing super quality product called "EGGE...
  2. Imperial

    Small town shopping. The perks..

    In a small town not far from were I live there is a grocery shop, no.. there are 4 grocery shops. In one of them works 3 blond girls. You can always tell when they are at work, because the parking lot outside that shop is then filled to the brim with cars. The other shops in town? Vacant...
  3. Imperial

    Worthy brews of the world.

    I like a good brew. Not too often but certainly I like it when I have some time off and I feel that thirst! In Norway we have a beer connoisseur maker called Nogne o = Naked Island beer company. This is the very best that is made in norway in larger(lager) batches. Today I tried their Ipa...
  4. Imperial

    Boohwal Cover.

    Boohwal is a Korean rock band if anyone wonders. One of their songs "heeya" From 1985 is in this little vid covered by a rather proficient Korean singer called Hyolyn. This is a rather impressive singer!! I'm stunned and shocked!! Imperial.
  5. Imperial

    Indecisive switchboard..

    It's a quarrel simulator, has to be... for dudes who need to brush up before they talk to their woman, about that thing.. what not. I mean, other than that this thing is utterly useless! Mvh

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