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    Gryphon Colosseum Stereo v Antileon Evo Stereo

    We have several speakers in our showroom (Gryphon, Vivid, MBL, Piega, Gamut) that we have tried with the Evo and all of them sound fantastic. It seems like the amplifier doesn’t care what it drives. They did of course all sound different due to their nature.
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    Roon card for 1611F and N31

    At Kyomi Audio, we are among the very first users of the newly designed Roon card for MBL DACs by Jürgen Reis. All we can say is wow!! It took Jürgen a long time to develop and he made something truly spectacular. He personally told me that he galvanically isolated everything that he possible...
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    G1 Spirit

    Thanks, Jake, I am aware of all that - I happened to be the oldest Vivid dealer in the US and launched the Spirits together with Dic here in Chicago :) say hi to Him from me please.
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    G1 Spirit

    Hi Jake, I know who you are, we communicated via email regarding the Spirits in Chicago if you remember. I have driven the Spirits with many powerful amps and yes, they benefit from current. The best sound I got out of them was with 200W class A Jadis JA200 MKii tube monos (you can see them...
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    G1 Spirit

    G1 Spirits loving the Jadis 40W/CH pure class A Jadis 845 NEC amps!
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    Jadis 845NEC

    Some years ago, when I first met Jadis designer JC Calmettes, I asked him which were the best sounding Jadis amps. He replied - 845NEC. Those were the newest design 40W/CH push pull mono blocks with a pair of 845 triode on each side. When I visited Jadis factory, I asked JC to demonstrate the...
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    Jadis 845NEC has landed!

    We are thrilled to announce the first North American showing of arguably the best sounding Jadis amplifiers, the 845NEC. A pair of 845 SET tubes per channel deliver 40W of pure class A sound. We just completed the burn-in process and they are ready to rock at the Big Raidho/Kyomi Audio room...
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    Antileon Evo stereo: Recommendation from a tube guy

    The Evo is an amplifier for tube lovers. Mind you, it does not sound like a tube amp but at the same time it has no negative attributes of SS sound that tube lovers refuse to accept. It is better than most tube amps since it doesn't have the negative attributes of tubes either.
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    Gryphon Legato phono

    The legato is simply astounding. especially when used in fully balanced systems. It is by far the quietest and the most dynamic phono stage we have even used. It completely eliminates the need for the tubes!
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    MBL 6010D users?

    Our unit does not have the phono section but I think on this level, one would be better off with a separate phono stage, especially considering how much more expensive some other manufacturer's top of the line line stages are. We have had great success with Gryphon Legato, as well as with Jadis...
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    MBL 6010D users?

    Just saw this and thought I would reply, even though it's late. We are MBL dealers and have extensive experience with 6010D. Personally, I am biased towards tube preamps. However, 6010D is one of the very few SS preamps that I would be able to live with in my own personal system. I have used...
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    Gryphon Colosseum Stereo v Antileon Evo Stereo

    Evo is warmer and more romantic while Mephisto is a champion of resolution, precision and speed. They both can sound incredible, it just depends on the system's overall tonal balance. IMHO, there is no preference on an absolute basis. If the Evo is an ultra luxury sedan with a V12 engine, the...
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    Gryphon Colosseum Stereo v Antileon Evo Stereo

    Thank you:) I have no doubt the Evo sounds wonderful with Magico. But of course it’ll justify an upgrade to any speaker at any price - it’s that good!
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    Gryphon Colosseum Stereo v Antileon Evo Stereo

    My apologies - I missed the fact that you commented on my post. After the Gryphon event at our showroom, I have decided to get the Evo. We primarily use it with Pandora/Legato. The amp worked with virtually any speaker that we tried. Although, Gryphon Pantheons sound especially good with...
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    Gryphon mojo s

    Davey, you might have to fly out to Chicago to hear that:) We are currently driving the Mojo S with JA30mkii (you own one of those), JA200mkii and Diabolo 300. Mojo S sound fantastic with all of them. It was very nice with the i50 as well in our Axpona room. And yes, Diabolo 300 is quite a bit...
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    Gryphon Colosseum Stereo v Antileon Evo Stereo

    What you are describing is partly due to the double the size of capacitance in the power supply of the Evo vs. the Collosseum. Being a Gryphon dealer, I am contemplating which amp to purchase for my demo - I am leaning towards the Evo. Have always been a big fan of oversized power supplies...
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    Jadis JA-200 Mk. II Amplifiers

    Yes - but it doesn't mean they sound the same. Black Gates were manufactured by Rubycon - it doesn't make Rubycon caps as good as Black Gates.
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    Jadis JA-200 Mk. II Amplifiers

    Jadis doesn't use Solen caps.
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    Jadis JA-200 Mk. II Amplifiers

    DaveyF, JA30 MKii and the i50 were upgraded with teflon caps later. There was no need to wait for 600 hours - the sound improved right away. That is why I ordered Ja200 MKii with those caps factory installed. Also, they are not your typical run of the mill caps. There were especially made in...
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    Jadis JA-200 Mk. II Amplifiers

    Gentlemen, just wanted to point out that the amps reviewed by JVS do have teflon coupling capacitors. In fact, all our demo units have them, including JA30mkii, i50, JP80MC and JP200MC. Although pricey, they do make a big difference, especially in power amplifiers. Kyomi Audio
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    Axpona 2015: Vivid-CAT, AudioKinesis-Atma, Alexia-D'Ag, MBL, Raidho makng music? You?

    Thanks to everyone here for your kind words about our room. We were indeed pleased with our relatively "moderate" setup, according to today's hi end audio classifications. As far as TAS, I just wanted to let you know that not only Valin and company did not write about us, they actually never...

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