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  1. rugyboogie

    Ideas re putting rack inside a "closet?"

    For one of our clients in 1997 we had a purpose 2 channel room build where the equipment was located in a closet. As Peter noted having proper ventilation is tres important. We made sure that the back of the closet was removable to allowed for easy cable, gear changes. As far as a remote is...
  2. rugyboogie

    Electrical power panel

    Haven't found a source that makes a copper bus bar for a main electrical panel. Manufacturers al use aluminum for the bus bar or apply a dusting of copper on the aluminum.
  3. rugyboogie

    Electrical power panel

    My off grid retirement home/cottage has come to the point that we are now getting to the electrical stage. Generating my power are 40PV x320, 8x75 and a three phase microhydro giving me 1500 to 1800w. Looking to see if someone here has used or has an opinion on has used an all copper electrical...
  4. rugyboogie


    A a builder I got tired of having to throw out work boots every two years so I invested in a pair of hand made Viberg work boots that could be resoled. Typically cost of work boots was around $150 to $225. Either the sole/heel would wear out or the seams simply break. Viberg were custom made to...
  5. rugyboogie

    Stratego Board Game

    Still have my Stratego that I bought around 72. Great game, and have introduced this to my kids. Another game that we got into the mid 90s and played with the kids is Carcassonne. This is still being played and is engaging as you have can have multiple players.
  6. rugyboogie

    Ambient Noise Level: How Quiet is Quiet Enough?

    Measured my room this evening and it bounces between 18 and 19db. 211, you can get a remote mounted compressor for the fridge. Have installed wine fridges that were made in Sweden that had this so the the wine woundn't vibrate in the fridge. Whisper quiet, Subzero can also have a remote mounted...
  7. rugyboogie

    Which Jigsaw tool should I buy?

    Kach is correct, Bosch barrel grip with variable speed control is a life time tool. Have worn out a Bosch jig saw and am on my second one. First one lasted 14 years, in daily use as a cabinet maker and site installer. Build homes now. Festool is nicer yet but mucho $$$$.
  8. rugyboogie

    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Have been eying this pair as well. On my short wish list. Thanks
  9. rugyboogie

    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Kenc, Thanks for sharing your experience with the ML-2 with your Apogee's. Appreciate it very much as not many people have heard the pairing. Christoph, The other amps that I have read about that peak my interest is the Krell KRS 100 as the 200 is almost impossible to find, and then there is...
  10. rugyboogie

    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Hi Al, Interesting that you are looking for a FPB 700cx. Have a wanted add on Canuck Mart since March 28 2020. Had the ML 33, bought used 240 version, and the 33h bought new. Used the amps in my set up using Wilson Maxx along with Wyetch and the ASR Emiiter Exclusive II all at the same time...
  11. rugyboogie

    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Hi Al The amps had a full check up done in 2019. Have seen copies of the work which was done by George Mayer. George was given carte blanche $$$ by owner as he wanted to be 100% sure that everything would as or better than new. Had to recap my 33s and 33h, ML/ Madrigal had some problems with QC...
  12. rugyboogie

    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Thanks so much for all your posts. 211, Interesting that you liked the A21 better than the Krell KAV 250A. KAS 300s better yet. Krell, been looking at the FPB 450 Mcx series as well. Seeing that John Curl had a hand in the design of A21 he had a hand with the ML-2 as well. When I first tried...
  13. rugyboogie

    Apogee Diva with Infinite Baffle

    Update on my Divas. Have been learning and playing different amplifiers that I have bought for my Divas. Extremely happy with my TSW Divas. Dart is bestsounding but shuts down when playing at or above 83db...... The Wyetech Topaz 211 at 18w plays way beyond it's wattage and bested my ML 33 and...
  14. rugyboogie

    Ml. 32

    Had the ML 33s and the 33h at the same time in my music room Tried the 32, as great as it was I couldn't stretch that last bit of coin at the time. The 33 and the 32 was a spare no expense design.
  15. rugyboogie

    What High-Efficiency Speaker (97 and Higher) and Amp Combo you Heard that can Reproduce a Drum Solo Most Realistically?

    For the Harts I predominately use the McIntosh MC225, Wyetech Topaz211 with a MX 110x. Pre I rotate to the Micro ZTL or the darT. Since mid Oct the Divas are set up in my listening room on the mainland. The Divas were build for my place on the Island & learning lots about the Diva's in my...
  16. rugyboogie

    What High-Efficiency Speaker (97 and Higher) and Amp Combo you Heard that can Reproduce a Drum Solo Most Realistically?

    Having heard Mike's speakers many times at the barn they spectacular every time. These are my JBL's, they bring a smile when listening to them.
  17. rugyboogie

    Art Dudley

    Wow this is so sad as to hear. His columns were always the first thing that I would read in Stereophile. Will miss his writing. RIP
  18. rugyboogie

    This Corona Virus Mania is Just Too Much, We All Need to Chill!

    Living in the Western world we have this notion of having rights and sense of entitlement that nobody can tell me what to do. BUT, in Asian people act differently and will listen to the recommendations of their governments. Wearing mask has been going on for years there. We know that physical...
  19. rugyboogie

    This Corona Virus Mania is Just Too Much, We All Need to Chill!

    Perspective is what this is all about. Live less than 2 km away from Canada's hot spot. Lynn Valley Care Center. Mother in law 86 young, grandma is 106, no assisted living, still lives on her own. My wife helps her with the groceries, especially now. Grandma at the dinner table recently said...
  20. rugyboogie

    Table-Top Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

    Bummer about the flood. No experience with counter top reverse osmosis. In the homes that I build we use "water bugs" that we install at all locations where we have a water supply. The water bug is connected to the alarm system and is place on the floor with it's metal contacts on the floor. If...
  21. rugyboogie

    Skagit Valley Tulip Festival got cancelled due to Corona Virus

    Interesting times and looking forward to visiting friends in WA. Take care and hope this passes quickly so we can get all get back to a new normal. Mike
  22. rugyboogie

    self-isolating......another way to define an audiophile.

    We are still working every day but when the order comes down to shut down then so be it. Roads and highway are empty. Provincial government has ordered almost everything thing to be closed. Restaurants are take out only, coffee shops same. They had to remove their chairs and tables from the...
  23. rugyboogie

    Coronavirus ...

    Some local observations. Live less than 2 km away from the Lynn Valley Care Center, North Vancouver, BC where yesterday it was announced that three more people passed away at the care center. Total victims now at four at the care center / Canada. Yesterday when attempting to make cell phone...
  24. rugyboogie

    Dealing With Large Glass Windows and Doors WITHOUT Spoiling the View?

    When window gets bigger in overall height and width and pending wind loads in local areas the glass thickness gets sized accordingly. If glass goes to floor then the inner glass pane needs to be at a minimum tempered. Most picture window frames are limited in the glazing thickness that they can...
  25. rugyboogie

    Current surround amplification recommendations

    Not sure if this is relevant but my 2 channel morphed into a 5.1 set up. The heat output of my original 2 channel ML33, was ok but then added three more amps for home theater amps and the heat was just too much. Amps were ML 33s , ML 33h, and a ML 335 were replaced by a Balanced Audio...
  26. rugyboogie

    My New True Soundworks Apogee Diva Extremes

    Wow, congrats on your new Diva speakers. They look really amazing. Rich does superb work and his paint jobs are impeccable. Received mine last year and love em.
  27. rugyboogie

    Coronavirus ...

    Some of my clients in HK have left China to bring kids and grand kids to Canada. Originally school n universities activities suspended til Feb 17, now till March 2.
  28. rugyboogie

    Scaena install

    Congrats on the new speakers . Lucky that your neighbor was able to help you. Send pics once set up please. Happy listening !!:)

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