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    FS: Shunyata Power Cords and MIT Cables

    3 Shunyata Research Python CX Series. 1.8 meter ($550 each) 1 Pair MIT Magnum MA 2 meter single ended RCA interconnect ($550 for the pair) 1 Pair MIT Magnum MA 2 meter Proline XLR balanced interconnect ($650 for the pair) I have the original boxes. All pricing includes shipping (in...
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    FS: Spectral DMC-30SS Reference Preamplifier II

    FS: Spectral DMC-30SS Reference Preamplifier Series 2 I am the original owner, have all the shipping boxes, power cords, remote, etc. Excellent cosmetic and operational condition. For all of the details, go HERE MSRP $12,000 Priced to sell quickly at $6100.00
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    dCS Scarlatti DAC, Word-Clock and Up-sampler for sale - and priced to sell very quickly.

    I am the original owner and have the boxes and manuals that came with each unit. All are in pristine condition cosmetically and functionally. On a scale from 1 to 10, they would all be rated a 9.5 only because they are not brand new. If you are looking here, you know all about these products...
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    Jplay : Wow

    This is my first post on WBS, but I could not contain my enthusiasm. This weekend I downloaded both JRiver and JPLAY. JPLAY can now plug into JRiver (17 edition). You can do both for free to try them. I was previously using Media Monkey with Windows 7. All I can say is wow! I usually...

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