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    MinimServer 2 now supported on our sonicTransporter line of music servers.

    Small Green Computer is pleased to announce that our sonicTransporter music server line now supports MinimServer 2 as an optional add on.
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    Pre- Launch - microRendu Version 1.5

    The original Sonore microRendu v1.3 was discontinued in March 2020 because certain parts on the unit were becoming hard to get. Soon afterward, we decided to redesign the unit improving some components and upgrading others. Another key goal of the project was to reduce the price without...
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    New Sonicorbiter Forum

    Sonore and Small Green Computer (SGC) are happy to announce the grand opening of the new Sonicorbiter forum. As you can imagine, roaming several forums each day to support and chat with our customers is not very efficient. We have been looking for a solution to this issue and our own forum fits...
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    Article on Optimizing Digital Streaming with Optical Fiber

    Stephen Scharf from The Absolute Sound put together a great article on using optical fiber to optimize digital streaming. Worth a read.
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    Sonore opticalModule is back in stock

    The sonore opticalModule is back in stock. Order today
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    The Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC and Manhattan DAC (original design) and Rendu series players

    The Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC and Manhattan DAC (original design) were ahead of their time providing high sample rate PCM and DSD support at a low price. The DACs are still very popular and naturally, we wanted to support them via USB on the Rendu series. Support for the DACs on Sonicorbiter has...
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    We are open for business

    Greetings and Happy Friday from Small Green Computer, In response to many questions from our customers, we wanted to provide a quick update. We have adjusted our work environment so that all members of our team now work remotely. One team member (who lives one mile from our office) goes to...
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    Sonicorbiter V2.8 has been officially released
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    Hardware Product of the Decade- Audiophile Style

    We are incredibly pleased to announce that the Sonore Rendu Series Network Players (Signature Rendu SE Optical, opticalRendu, ultraRendu, and microRendu) have been named the Hardware Product of the Decade by Audiophile Style...
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    Black Friday Bundles - Start Now!
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    Capital Audiofest

    A great article on our room at Capital Audiofest. Thanks Eric from part-time audiophile
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    New Review of the Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical - UPDATED!!!

    Chris from Audiophile Style (formerly Computer Audiophile) completed part two of his Signature Rendu SE Optical review. While we are still digesting the review, we are most pleased that the Signature Rendu SE Optical is currently in the lead for their coveted Audiophile Style 2019 Product of the...
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    Audiophile Style Review of the Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical We would be very interested in your thoughts regarding the review. Thank you
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    New Review of the Signature Rendu SE Optical

    Happy Thursday... Chris from Audiophile Style (formerly Computer Audiophile) completed part two of his Signature Rendu SE Optical review. While we are still digesting the review, we are most pleased that the Signature Rendu SE Optical is currently in the lead for their coveted Audiophile Style...
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    Listening to Abbey Road using the opticalRendu for Roon

    Got the 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Version of Abbey Road playing on our new opticalRendu for Roon using Qobuz within my Roon app. I never truly appreciated, until now, what an amazing album this is.
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    RMAF - 2019 - Positive Feedback Audio Oasis Award

    Check out the room that received the Positive Feedback Audio Oasis award
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    Labor Day - Free Shipping

    Labor Day in the United States is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Let's celebrate by offering Free Shipping on all...
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    Free Shipping This Weekend

    To celebrate the dog days of summer, we have decided to offer Free Shipping This Weekend only. All products $159 and up. Worldwide! Use discount code "freeshipwkd" at checkout
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    We are moving!!!

    Small Green Computer is excited to announce that we are moving to a much larger office space to help us manage our growth. Our goal is to have our move go as smoothly as possible but we may be a little slow to respond over the next two days. Please be patient with us as we get set up in our...
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    10% Off This July 4th Holiday Weekend

    Let's make this short and sweet. We are offering 10% off all products on our website in celebration of the 4th of July. Discount code: 10%OFF Details 10% off all products at The 10% off applies to your entire order. Use discount code 10%OFF at checkout Offer...
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    Understanding Optical

    We just released a series of videos to help folks better understand fiber optics and the systemOptique line of products. Worth watching... Link to our Optical Video Series Below is the first video in our optical series
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    Gear Patrol Names The Best Music Streamers for 2019

    Great to see that the Sonore microRendu and ultraRendu made the list.
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    A Preview of what is coming!

    We have been quiet for the past few months as we prepare to launch the next generation of digital audio performance. Now it is time to begin sharing what we have been working on with our sister company, Sonore. Introducing systemOptique: SystemOptique is...
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    sonicTransporter i7 HQPlayer + Roon Server

    Thank you to Mike from Mivera Audio for recommending our sonicTransporter i7 HQPlayer + Roon Server. Much appreciated. <<Learn More>>
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    SonicTransporter i5 Review

    New review of the sonicTransporter i5: Key Quote about the sonicTransporter i5: "WAY better than any Mac or whatever we have had in house running any software I could out there… and with way less hassle and...
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    SongKong on the sonicTransporter Music Server

    Clean up and organize your music collection on your sonicTransporter with SongKong. Now available in the sonicTransporter OS under Software Manager. SongKong is designed to be the easiest and fastest way to organize your music – identify songs, fix misspellings and add missing album art...
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    Music Server & Player Solution

    We are often asked about why a music server and player is a superior solution for your digital audio needs. As a result, we put together a brief video to help folks better understand why the two-part solution is so important. Enjoy! Music Server & Player Solution Small Green Computer is also...
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    Power Supply Questions

    We have recently been fielding a lot of questions about power supplies. Some Q & A for your Tuesday evening... Q: Does the 7V Linear Power Supply (7V, 15W) used to power the ultraRendu, microRendu, and ultraDigital available in other voltages? A: Yes - Our Linear Power Supply is available...
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    Setting up a NAS with Roon

    We put together a quick video on setting up your NAS in Roon. Hope this helps...

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