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    Post Your Frequency Response Curve!

    The speakers are Respons Grand from Respons Audio In Sweden. An old sealed box version, been with me for ages. Measurement taken from listening position on axis some 12 feet from each speaker.
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    Post Your Frequency Response Curve!

    Pink noise graph recorded without weighting in my living room. I apologize for difference in app, but one gets the picture.
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    Ron’s New System

    Hi Ron, first of all congrats with getting your top class setup, up and running. I have read your whole thread over the past three days. Very enjoyable and interesting to read. Thanks so much for sharing. I have played your Take five video on my living room set up which in short consists of...
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    Apogee Full range

    Nice Gadget, should be mandatory for Apogee refurbishers and owners:cool:
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    Apogee Full range

    A very good post indeed. Another good way to check if left and right woofer is in phase with each other is to simply measure with a SPL meter. When out of Phase the SPL will fall with several Db. Check SPL with borth woofers connected playing a bass tone, then change left and right posts on...
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    Apogee Full range

    I guess metal ringing can be caused by the breakup pattern of the metal. However I think good crossover components can reduse the issue to a point where It’s neglible. The EMIT treble that Infinity used is also aluminium foil but Sounds cleaner than Beryllium at least to my ears. It’s been so...
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    Apogee Full range

    Christoph, whats your current Apogee model?
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    Apogee Full range

    Thanks for your reply Bonzo and Christoph. The Duettas was sold some years ago. I ran them on Dynamic Precision amplifiers (A brand started by Ex Tandberg employees who wanted to build something more uncompromising. When FR was demoed in Norway, where I live these amps and not KRELL were...
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    Apogee Full range

    Read the whole thread, all 70 pages:). Apogee FR is the speaker that got me hooked. I still do remember the sound of those speakers playing Symphony Fantastique on reference recording. Goldmund Studio recordplayer and Dynamic precision poweramps (Probably unknown to most readers, a Norwegian...
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    MUSIC SERVER: WEISS 301, Aurender, LUMIN.... HELP !

    What about the Marantz NA11s1? Not a music server, but it is possible to play from an usb stick, and those carry 128 these days. Does anyone have any first hand experience with this unit? Merry...

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