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    Cerious Technologies Graphene Lumniscate Cable

    Very interesting this Cerious cable. I have the habit of mixing cables, I use Schinerziger speaker cables, Jorma origo RCA from preamplfier to audiopax Maggiore M50 amplifier, and one Synergistic research RCA from Leplayer metronome to preamplifier audiopax M5, the cupper of Jorma modulates the...
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    Problem caused by magnetic chassis of Lampizator Atlantic TRP?

    No, I am not a spammer, just look for posts about problem with feed back from Lampizato, and sended the same mensage, if you desire I can show the emails, the Lampizator photos... today a sended the last one to the factory --> After three attempts to communicate via emails and one via...
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    Lampizator Gain Problem

    I don't know about this problem, but I'm having problems with a BIG 7 lamp, and I live in Brazil where there is no factory authorized, and I've already tried contacting three emails and facebook, no response, just silence, I don't trust a brand that doesn't take care of your customers
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    Problem caused by magnetic chassis of Lampizator Atlantic TRP?

    I don't know about this problem, but I'm having problems with a BIG 7 lamp, and I live in Brazil where there is no factory authorized, and I've already tried contacting the La,pizator factory by three emails and facebook, no response, just silence, I don't trust a brand that doesn't take care of...
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    Schnerzinger protectors

    Once I was was listening to music and the S protector was turn on, someone said that we could have problems with cell phone rings, may be it work like one Signal Blocker Cell Phone Jammer.
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    Trinity DAC

    Next March or May, I will travel to Europe, and I hope to listen two DACs I'm interested, the Kalliope's Gryphon and Trinity DAC, the store dealer told me they are waiting the trinity for soon, unfortunately the store does not have DCS, but they have TAD and emm labs. Last year in Munich the...
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    Trinity DAC

    thanks guys, I saw the picture and got the impression that was the trinity DAC, is really unthinkable two different DACs in the same room.
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    Trinity DAC

    Someone heard the trinity Dac at CES, was in the same room as the Chprecison DAC! Gm.
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    Trinity DAC

    What makes me impressed is how the prices are towards the stratosphere, trinity DAC reminds me FM acoustics, and when I see the pictures of the internal parts... I agree with Microstrip is still early to certainties, the audio exotics tests many and very expensive devices, and they discuss...
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    Anyone Compared the New 6550/KT88s out there in their Amps?

    Hi Cableman The problem is to find NOS GEC, my audiopax maggiore use 6 tubes ecah one ( it is mono) so it would very expensive. I have a friend that uses EAT in his mono 88 it is mk3.
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    Any Metronome C5 or C8 Reference owners here?

    Hi Michael123 What transport are you using? Thanks George
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    Tidal Sunray G2 / T1 G2 launch at the Hong Kong AV 2013

    I would like to know the brand name of cables used in HK show 2013, I have tidal piano diacera, and argento cables was so good like synergistic research apex interconecters and Schinerzinger speaker cable.
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    MSB Signature dac iv plus vs CH Precision

    I listened to some digital sources said above, when I was in the Kempisky hotel listen to Ch precison, when I asked to compare the CHprecison DAC with a music server versus CH precison transport, the same music( D. Krall), I could change the the source with remote control A X B, for me and...
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    Jonathan Valin the best audio writer, EVER.

    The last opinion on the JV about the best setups of Hiend munich 2013 was kidding, I do not read anything from someone who is not reliable. Like someon said above: Zero credibility.
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    High End Show Munich 2013

    I read the report of the best setups of Munich made ​​by J Valin, was it the same hiendshow I visited? nothing about the gryphon seutp or Berlina C11...
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    Kondo and Living Voice at Munich high end show 2013

    This room was very , very good! the great Brodman speaker and the Vox olympian was the two most beautiful speaker made in the world( in my opinion). The Kondo amplifier here was fantastic, but the room of audio note Japan with Byura speaker and Kagura amplifiers was not so good , something has...
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    High End Show Munich 2013

    This was the best hifideluxe setup, was a great surprise to find Dick, which builds Schnerzinger cables.
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    High End Show Munich 2013

    Another video, I saw and listen the two room with DCS Vivaldi with avalon time and JR amplifier in the hifideluxe, and they did not sound like reviews, maybe the setup, but after listen to gryphon I think this new DAC is the something special.
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    High End Show Munich 2013

    Hi Wizard, I tryied to find you in the shows, did you receive my email? this was in the day I listen this fantastic setup, for me the best this year:
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    Schnerzinger cables - any experience?

    Yes the best hifideluxe setup, I talked with Dyck and he demonstrated the new project that is situated in front of eletronics and has 3 athens, for a moment he demonstrated for me and two friends an the result is not small, they clean e wide the sound satge, is like a great silence add to the...
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    High End Show Munich 2013

    I made 3 films of gryphon demonstration, in my opinion the best setup, they show 3 musics using cdplayer as a transport to the new DACm and 3 streams , this year a lot of setups used Tin pan Alley/ Steve Ray Vaughan, and with gryphon it was fantastic!!
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    Amps suitable for Eggleston Ivy

    In Dortmund i listen the savoy with big Pass Labs monoblocs, a fantastic setup.
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    FM Acoustics 255 MkIIR

    Yes, this my photo.
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    FM Acoustics 255 MkIIR

    Hi Wizard Have you ever heard a FM acoustic preamplifier with tube amplifier, especially one SET topology? I asked this question to the site of the FM acoustics but received no response. This preamplifier has something that I could not live without, the remote control. I listen only one time...
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    Shanghai SIAV High End Audio Visual Show 2013

    The amplifiers looks like AM audio. I went two time before to hiend Munichen hiend show but Rosso Fiorentoino speakers were only to be seen, never heard these speakers before which has a very beautiful design and a different tweeter.
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    Shanghai SIAV High End Audio Visual Show 2013

    Hi Katylied Great photos, but I saw in the big room MBL near WA&Boulder, and there was speaker cables, how was possible to demonstrate their equipment,there was some specific demo? Thanks
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    Tidal Sunray T1

    Hi Audiocrack Thanks for the reply, it was very useful, I tried a tara labs the one (?), but the result with merlin speaker as with tidal were not good, in my experience the best interconecters were synergistc apex research, but I use a different SET amplifier, I think the final result depends...
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    Tidal Sunray T1

    Hi Audiocrack I would like to know about your experience with tidal speaker and jorma cable, this is one doubt I have since I bought tidal piano diacera,now I am using one silver speaker cable better than argento flow , I tryed also Kubala sosna emotion, cardas GR , sterovox, synergistic...
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    Anyone Compared the New 6550/KT88s out there in their Amps?

    I used these KT88 in 3 amplifiers: Audio aero prestige , one PP classe A 50 watts, audiopax mono 88 a SET 30 watts, and audiopax maggiore one SET with 100watts ( in this I used only GL and EAT tubes) : JJ tesla-good, but not special Shuguang 88 - I did not like it EH kt 88 - the wrost tube...

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