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  1. srs148

    FS: Ampex MR70 1/4" 2-track (stereo) 7.5 / 15ips tape machine - completely refurbished / ready for operation

    Additional photos available via the eBay listing and more will be uploaded. ---- Ampex MR-70 analog tape recorder, desirable and extremely rare with total production estimated at less than 80 total units built. Painstakingly restored by member Tom Bassi, his may be the cleanest, most...
  2. srs148

    Lyrec Frida PTR-1 service advice

    I'm looking at purchasing a Lyrec Frida that is running, but neither channel of the horizontal LED VU meter is illuminating on playback. While this seems like an issue with the VU panel control board versus the LED assembly being burnt out, I'm not at all familiar with the inner workings of the...
  3. srs148

    WTB (or trade for) Nagra T Audio

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase or trade other of my RTR decks (Studer A80, A810, A820, Ampex ATR, Otari various models) for a Nagra T audio with meter bridge. Please PM me if you have one to sell or are looking to trade (or partial trade).
  4. srs148

    Otari MTR-15 Schematics / Extender Card availability

    Hi everyone, I used my Otari MTR-15 for the first time in a while earlier this week and have found that one channel is not erasing in Record mode. I have narrowed down the issue to one of the Bias Control cards (PB-4PV), and although I believe the issue could be a bad relay on that card, I need...
  5. srs148

    Wanted or Trade? Serviced ATR-102 1/4" for Studer A812 or A820

    I'm looking to add an A812 or A820 to my stable of tape machines and have an ATR-102 1/4" deck that is currently being fully serviced to offer in trade. PM me with specifics about what you have. Thanks for looking.

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