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  1. audio.bill

    Super3 - a supercapacitor LPS, by Farad Power Supplies

    I contacted Farad in Jan 2020 to ask about the possibility of running the Nucleus Plus with the Farad Super 3 and this was their response: "I looked up the NUC i7 board and processor TDP max is 28W (1.5A@19V). Total power they say is 65Watts, but this is included all outputs at max. I think it...
  2. audio.bill

    Florida Audio Expo 2021 cancelled :(
  3. audio.bill

    Grandioso K1X - the two Esoteric "Revolutions" installed!

    I'm sorry but that's the best explanation of the circuit design and their implementation that I've found at this point. I'm actually surprised by their transparency and the level of detail they're openly sharing.
  4. audio.bill

    Grandioso K1X - the two Esoteric "Revolutions" installed!

    Full details on the new Esoteric Master Sound Discrete DAC can be seen here:
  5. audio.bill

    New Triode Wire Labs Cable Loom Review from The Audio Beatnik!

    Sincere congrats to Pete for making such extreme value ultimate performance cables available to audiophiles, he deserves our support! :)
  6. audio.bill

    Classe Audio DAC?

    Hey Adam - Yes, Classe' Audio made a stand alone transport DTP-1 and DAC-1 as their reference digital gear back around 1998. Here's a 2017 reprint of a review of the combo from Positive Feedback for your reference...
  7. audio.bill

    All NEW Add Powr Sorcer X2 Power Conditioner....Major Breakthrough In Electrical Power Conditioners!

    It's actually from the same designer who previously sold his QRT technology to Nordost, and this is his next generation product line.
  8. audio.bill

    A streamer without a DAC

    The BS Node will do the first unfold on MQA files (MQA Core) and that resolution (up to 96kHz) is then output via its digital output to an external DAC. The Node's analog outputs provide full MQA decoding, but using its digital output is limited to MQA Core decoding since the final unfold is DAC...
  9. audio.bill

    How to tell if tweeter ribbon is damaged in a 3.7i

    Impedance cannot be measured by a standard voltmeter, they can measure simple DC resistance. Maybe you meant to just measure and compare the ribbon's resistance.
  10. audio.bill

    Class D Mono Blocks vs Class A/B

    With all due respect I believe you are mistaken regarding the NAD Master Series M33 using Anthem room correction, it would likely be Dirac Live.
  11. audio.bill

    Gamut M250i mono blocks vs ???

    Sam - While I don't have first hand experience with the Gamut speakers or the terminals they use, there are different size spades available. It's not uncommon for a specific component's binding posts to require either a larger or smaller spade to fit correctly. Most cable companies can fit an...
  12. audio.bill

    Mola Mola amps

    Are you referring to Bel Canto Ref 1000 amps? Those use an older Class D module (from B&O ICE if I recall) prior to Hypex or N-Core.
  13. audio.bill

    Mola Mola amps

    Yes, several times in different systems. Unfortunately I found them to be too dry in the high frequencies and just too analytical for my taste, but many seem to love them. I'm looking forward to hearing his latest incarnation as finished products become available.
  14. audio.bill

    forum is really really S - L - O - W---maintenance going on?

    At least you've determined where the bottleneck is so it can be addressed.
  15. audio.bill

    Mola Mola amps

    Those are old news... Bruno's newest venture is under the Purifi Audio brand with products just starting to be released.
  16. audio.bill

    forum is really really S - L - O - W---maintenance going on?

    Back to normal high speed response, thanks for the effort!
  17. audio.bill

    If the Esoteric K03Xs CD/SACD Player has harsh leading and trailing edges...

    I don't think the Luxman D-10X has been released yet but is expected soon... I can see how you may have misinterpreted my post which stated: "I've heard the upcoming TOTL Luxman D-10X CD/SACD player will retail at $20K in USD." I was only referring to the price, not that I had heard the player...
  18. audio.bill

    If the Esoteric K03Xs CD/SACD Player has harsh leading and trailing edges...

    Not sure which model you're referring to, but I've heard the upcoming TOTL Luxman D-10X CD/SACD player will retail at $20K in USD.
  19. audio.bill

    Munich 2020 cancelled

    Here's their press release issued shortly after the Munich show cancellation was announced: Of course being about six weeks out there's still a chance it may be cancelled depending on how things progress...
  20. audio.bill

    An Unexpected Champion : Intona Ultimate USB Cable

    The recently released 2020 Sablon USB Cable seems like it might be the current cream of the crop, reading reports of it beating out the Intona Ultimate for a fraction of the price. The Sablon website hasn't yet been updated with this new model, but pricing can be provided if you PM Mark from...
  21. audio.bill

    New Power Conditioner in the System

    Retails at $50K, currently on sale for $32.5K:
  22. audio.bill

    Jumping in?

    Haven't heard any impressions yet of the new Luxman, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it! TIA for sharing.
  23. audio.bill

    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    Since it's in production I was looking for pricing on your site but couldn't find it... would you be willing to share that here in USD? TIA!
  24. audio.bill

    The Direct to Disc thread

    That's actually my favorite track on the entire album, first track on the second side titled "Don't Misunderstand". Check it out!!!
  25. audio.bill

    Innuos Phoenix USB

    It's a USB reclocker, with USB in and out... from the OP: "...can be used with any of our servers (MK II as well) or any source with USB out for that matter."
  26. audio.bill

    Rega new cartridge fitted

    Sometimes the arm will move outward when lowering due to the anti-skate force. Check that you don't have it set too high, but I believe it would be the cueing platform which may require cleaning. Sometimes the rubber insert gets some lubricant on it which allows the arm to slide more easily than...
  27. audio.bill

    PS Audio upgrade/trade in offer

    PS Audio's upgrade program gives you the original retail price of your working used trade(s) totaling up to 30% off of the new gear's retail price.
  28. audio.bill

    PS Audio Full Value of Used Components Trade-In Program

    Looking at the PS Audio website the allowable trade in value is limited to 30% of the retail price.
  29. audio.bill

    Early 2019 Black Friday Deals on OLED & LED TVs

    There are lots of cheap TVs on the market and sales on them will be plentiful... Then there are some really good TVs at reasonable prices which will generally prove to be the smarter purchase in the long run. Guess there's a market for both extremes, but this is WBF! To each their own.

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