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    Audio Show of the german Analogue Audio Association 2012

    Hello together, last weekend the german AAA held their annual Audioshow. Here you find some photos of this event shot by journalists of "LP Magazin " and "Fidelity Magazin": Hope you...
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    Bob Welch passed away 2012/06/07
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    Johnny Cash visits me

    Hello, yesterday I received this 3 record set with private recordings of Johnny Cash between 1972 and 1982 in his homestudio.,_Johnny/Bootleg_Series_Vol_1:_Personal_File It is unbelievealbe how realistic these records sound. It is just...
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    Hi from Germany

    Hello to all, I am Andreas from Germany, 48 years old and into the hobby for 40 years now. First of all I am a music collector. Around 5000 Vinyls and some CDs crowded my listening room. System: Raven AC SME iV / Origin Live Conqueror Grashopper GLA / Lyra Dorian Thöress Pre...

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