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  1. DetroitVinylRob

    AVID ACUTUS SP TO SP REFERENCE or new Arm or what?

    I have the Avid Acutus SP (love this table so much that even with a Brinkmann Balance I’m keeping it in play) with a SME V with Kondo-San’s silver fairy hair internal wire (instead of the VH copper), Lyra Kleos, Nordost TYR 2 phono cable. I say swap out the arm. Even my V, though sounding very...
  2. DetroitVinylRob

    Brinkmann Balance/ Kuzma 4P

    Wonderful. Congratulations! Rock solid. I have had my Balance w/RöNt II, Reed P3-12 w/Miyajima Labs Zero and Graham Phantom III-10 w/DynaVector Te Kaitora Rua for some time now. Was very tempted to try one of herr Brinkmann’s own tonearms, but haven’t as yet. As you said originally, look...
  3. DetroitVinylRob

    "Fausto Mesolella-Madama Terra"--Fone---wow!!!

    WoW yes! Just listened to a copy last night. I had done a bit of sample streaming on Fausto, not being familiar with his work but seeing the limited production numbers on this pressing. I was fond of what I heard but we where very pleasantly surprised at just how well this performance builds its...
  4. DetroitVinylRob

    High Level Subwoofer Inputs: A Necessary Feature?

    My recent experience with a pair of new S812’s and the long standing Atma-Sphere MA1 SE’s really proved out with the high level set-up. No regrets. As REL suggests, the integration of amp character really makes the diff. Never had a mid bass sound so right. If I wasn’t going to Classic Audio...

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