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    CTH-8550 Better amp or preamp?

    Curious about opinions on which is the CTH-8550 stronger at, amp or preamp? In other words, if I was going to step into the Dartzeel separates, should I get the NHB-108 or NHB-18NS first. And let’s assume any could handle my speaker load.
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    ELPISPANDORA Cables: Anyone ever listen?

    Was chatting with Francois at ANAMIGHTYSOUND who is now carrying this cable line from Japan. Hand made. They look crazy. But Francois swears by them. Curious if anyone has tried them out. Would love any feedback.
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    CTH-8550 Setup Question

    I just picked up 2nd hand CTH-8550 that has literally just been serviced by Dartzeel. Wanted to get a feel for the Dartzeel sound in my setup. Either I’ll be happy or this was a big mistake for my wallet as will want to go for the separates. In any case, I am moving from a mostly headphone...

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