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    Furutech Pure Power 6E NCF

    Dragging myself from my set (extremely hard) in order to provide you all with an episode of an audiophile. I have been playing with Nagra (see pics) for a while. Extremely happy but the upgrade bug kept raising its ugly head. So I went to listen to a Zanden 3000 mk2 preamp (to replace my Nagra...
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    Furutech DPS-4.1 limited edition power cable vs Nanoflux power NCF

    Hi all, can somebody shed some light on the main difference between the self-built DPS4.1, terminated with FI-E50 NCF's and the top of the line Nanoflux power NCF. I am reading conflicting reviews...the 4.1 being a warm cable, or a serious contender for a lot of more expensive cables. Is the 4.1...
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    Zanden vs. Nagra

    Hi all, my all Nagra set combined with Elrod Master series and Kef 207/2 is singing like a nightingale :-). However, it is hard to forget my experience with Zanden pre/power combination and Magico some years ago at a high-end show in Hilversum. Awesome!!! Afterwards I heard a Zanden combination...
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    Elrod Master Series

    Hi All, after having spent 5 weeks with my Elrod Master Diamond powercable and Elrod Master Gold loudspeaker cable, I thought I'll show you some pictures of the pc. About the sound: totally absorbing and brilliant. Nothing comes close :D
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    Best power cable under $1000

    Hi, what is the best power cable under $1000?
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    Analog tuner

    Hi all, I am looking for a analog tuner. Can be a classic or a modern one. Don't want to spend too much money ;) Any suggestions? Thank y'all! And enjoy the festive season :) !
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    Blade 2 Product of the year by Stereophile

    Kef must be doing something right ;-) :
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    Tubed pre

    Hi all, this may sound like blasphemy :p but has any tried a tubed pre to drive a Spectral power amp? In particular Nagra or Audio Research. Thanks!
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    Beolab 90

    Bang and Olufsen has never been considered "high-end" by smugs like us ;) but...I will have a listen to this interesting looking design next week: Will report and yes....really looking forward to this :)
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    30SL gen.2 vs. 30SS

    Hi all, I am thinking about buying a used Spectral pre (without breaking the bank ;)). Until now I used my dCS Elgar plus as a pre. I am thinking about spending 5K. In this price range pre's offered are the 30SL gen2 or 30SS. Is there a big difference in sound? Another question...I love the...
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    Kef Muon

    The most beautiful loudspeaker in the world...received an internal make-over: Can never, never afford it but want to hear it. Promise not to drool on its beautiful exterior :p
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    Audio rack

    Just curious: what do you think is the best audio rack out there? Anyone using Artesenia perhaps?
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    Wadia WT 2000 transport

    Hi all, are there any users of the Wadia WT 2000 transport out there? Is it still a valid choice? Cheers, Wim
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    Spectral 2000/3000

    Hi all, I am thinking about buying a Spectral SDR-2000/3000 and wonder if any of you can give me some advice / comments / inside information. Thank you! Cheers, Wim
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    Hi all, can someone, preferably with first-hand experience enlighten me on the difference in quality ánd sound between the SDR-4000 Reference and the latest CD-spinner, the SDR-4000 SL? Thank you! Cheers, Wim
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    Magico M6

    Question. It still is something of an enigma to me...the first (?) aluminium super speaker by Magico: the M6. Has anyone ever heard it and how does it compare to later models?
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    Naim Statement

    The Naim Statement....the power amp to end all power amps ? :p:cool:
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    home cinema and high-end

    Hi there, I have never been interested in serious home cinema. Have always been a 2 speaker kind of guy I am thinking about getting a real (;)) TV and wondering if I can combine it with my high-end set. Oh the horror !!!!! a tv between my Kefs 207/2!!! Question: who of you has...
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    Elrod Diamond X2

    Based on my experience with the Elrod Statement Gold (best power cable I have ever heard / used) these must be the new reference: the Elrod Diamond X2! Just one thing: you have to build an extension at the back of your listening room to put them on you gear :p. But hey, small sacrifice for...
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    Kef ls50

    Anyone heard these "giant killers" (in price and quality)? :) Being a Kef owner I simply know they must be awesome. Wim
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    Maybe it is about time to open a Kef thread / category. The company produces some exellent speakers. Some of which beat the ultra expensive stuff from the "elite" brands ;) Wim
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    an "alien" pre-amp

    Hi, just wondering. Who uses another brand of Pre-amp to drive his 360 mono blocks (or any other Spectral power amp for that matter)? And why? Thanx
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    New mono blocks

    Hi, anyone having an update (pictures etc.) on the new DMA-400 mono blocks?:p
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    Spectral SDR 4000 SL

    On the 9th of September I am going to hear the new 4000 SL in The Hague. It is promoted as a "World Premiere" so ....this makes me it a world premiere?
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    feet or cones under power amps

    Hi, I am thinking about putting my 360s on cones, feet, pads or.... Who has their power amp(s) lifted by one of those and which ones do you recommend? Thank your for the input! Wim
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    failing logo on Spectral amp

    Hi, I had heard before that the shining Spectral logo on the amps is prone to fail after a few years. And now it happened to one of my 360s. :( . My questions: is this problem easily fixed, is it a forboding sign of troubles in the near future it is a known

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