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    SOTA CD Player w/ Streamer built in

    Sacd playback preferred. Obviously with a great USB DAC built in. And also, with a nice streamer (Ethernet bridge) built in. I can only find one. The T+A MP 3100 HV. Anything else out there?
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    Sigma NR v2 vs. Alpha NR v2

    Maybe I am missing something, but looking at the specs, the only difference is the conductor size, everything else appears to be identical, correct? See attached, from website. So, because of this, if using into a relatively low current gear (I.e DAC, preamp, etc), then there is no advantage to...
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    Shunyata Power Cord for digital/ sources

    Hi Caelin and Grant, and all Shunyata owners. I have never owned any Shunyata higher end cables (except for a Venom HC a while back), but this my be a good time to try. I am considering the Alpha EF and NR, as well as Sigma EF and NR. For my Innuos ZENith MK3, and the soon to arrive Innuos...
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    Spikes on 803 D3

    I am having an issue with the spikes on my new 803 D3. Can you please help? I cannot figure out how to expose the spikes on my 803 D3. When I try to spin the three pronged locking nut, it does not move enough for spikes to reach the carpeted floor. The manual says “insert the supplied metal...

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