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    London Decca Jubilee revisited - combination with SME 3012R ?

    Dear all, I’m a Wannabe-DECCA-Newcomer and seeking advice on a topic that was indeed discussed already way back in at least one similar Thread. I’m simply curious how this very different technology of the DECCA cartridges could sound. Hence my query - and also as a possible stumbling stone ...
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    (Tube) phono stage with multiple equalization curves

    Dear all, I’m looking for a phono stage that has not only RIAA, but multiple equalization curves, suitable for mono / microgrooves LPs (first priority) and may be also some for Shellac records (of lesser priority) In addition to this above feature, I like: All to be selected by remote...
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    "secret Info“ from AUDIO NOTE !?!?

    Dear all, I’m looking for some „secret Info“: a current price list from AUDIO NOTE.. !! (My last one is from 2009 ) I’m specifically interested in their analogue / phono products such as SUT and RIAA stages (not the Line pre-amps) Who could mail me such info ? to avoid any problem for the...
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    Any Shellac 78 RPM Listeners ?

    Dear all, Are there any shellac - 78 RPM listeners here ? Or is there even a “dedicated WBF section” for such unusual formats ? Thanks & Regards Urs PS : I’m not actually a shellac collector, but I do some archival work, such as analogue to digital transfers, etc, for this...

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