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  1. Fiddle Faddle

    Upgrade your eardrums - new smooth silk version available!

    Not just for tweeters. Those with damaged eardrums can now have a high fidelity upgrade, straight out of the loudspeaker design book!
  2. Fiddle Faddle

    Ban mortarboarding!

    I find this "mortarboarding" practice to be a despicable one. You want the degree? Then you qualify for entry to university, study for years, pay your fees and pass all the exams. Not only do I have no respect for the process, I instantly lose any respect I might have had for anyone accepting...
  3. Fiddle Faddle

    Digital Concert Hall - what a joke

    With a free 7-day voucher sitting around, I decided to redeem it given I had a bit more free time on my hands over Easter. Now I don't have the fastest internet connection on the planet, but it does run at a solid 25 Mbps all the time. I can stream Netflix with absolute perfection. I could...
  4. Fiddle Faddle

    Re-damping Rega CD door

    Does anyone have any experience in overhauling the damping mechanism on any Rega CD player lid (doesn't matter what vintage as the mechanism hasn't really changed over the years so far as I can tell)? The problem is that over time, the damping effect of the lid closing mechanism gradually...
  5. Fiddle Faddle

    Ressonessence still in business?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that the Ressonessence company in Canada is still in business please? Short of making an international telephone call, they do not seem to respond to queries either sent through their website nor their listed email addresses (I've sent them four queries since December via...
  6. Fiddle Faddle

    Bad Lip Reading - has me in stitches

    I am probably late to this party and have been living under a rock. But I only chanced upon the Bad Lip Reading Youtube channel this week. Some of the videos are the work of absolute genius and had me in stitches, even with multiple replays. The best one of the lot...
  7. Fiddle Faddle

    Australian wall power outlets

    It seems like we are hard done by here in Australia in terms of higher quality wall mains outlets. For people in the US and UK, they have a variety of high quality outlet choices including ones specifically engineered for the audiophile. Of course, whilst it is technically possible for me to...
  8. Fiddle Faddle

    Mr. Robot series II

    Anyone see episode 1 of season 2? Excellent use of a genuine McIntosh MC452 amplifier running into clipping(!) after the owner's "smart home" system gets hacked. Being the audiovisual and hifi geek that I am, I replayed the scene about ten times before proceeding with the rest of the episode!
  9. Fiddle Faddle

    Human awesomeness never fails to impress me

    In the latest news of how our big-brained, highly-evolved species is at the cutting edge of everything under the sun, here is what 6 people managed to achieve over 12 months of hard work. Yep, an oversized needle-head. Remarkable. I just hope an alien race is not reading this article. If they...
  10. Fiddle Faddle

    Why dynamic range compression can actually be good for our health

    I am sure that I am not alone here in that during the 1970s (and I guess for the 60s for those of you who grew up then), I unknowingly did not look after my hearing. As a youngster, I was charged with mowing the family lawn - all 1400 square metres of it - each and every weekend over summer and...
  11. Fiddle Faddle

    Telarc vinyl being reissued again (late 2016)?

    I noticed this as I was browsing Acoustic Sounds yesterday and have to admit I got a bit excited. Perhaps not so much at the title of the release but the catalogue number. ATEL 00001. To me a number like that implies that more are to follow...
  12. Fiddle Faddle

    Early digital Decca and Philips - how were they archived?

    This is a long shot but worth asking. As we know, Decca in the early years of digital adopted their own bespoke system for recording and editing. This system ran at 48 kHz and I believe utilised bitrates varied from 13 bits during the earliest experiments to 18 or 20 bit. I am curious as to...
  13. Fiddle Faddle

    North America and the love affair for charcoal intake filters

    What exactly is the deal with the Californian Air Resources Board (CARB) as it relates to the secondary charcoal filter air intake requirements on modern cars in the US? Yes, I am fully aware of this "50 states" legal blurb that aftermarket intake parts makers like to quote and I am aware that...
  14. Fiddle Faddle

    Nutter cops exist in Australia too

    Sadly every now and then the World views some video made on a mobile (cell) phone of a US police person behaving badly. This case, however, was reported in Australia today. I think this is the worst I've seen in this country, at least in terms of the way a policeman deals with a member of the...
  15. Fiddle Faddle

    Horch House ordering

    Has anyone ordered anything from Horch House? None of the products seem to be available via traditional audiophile store websites so it looks like "direct" only. But there just seems to be three email addresses depending upon where you live. So I was just wondering how the ordering process went...
  16. Fiddle Faddle

    The World seems numbed to compressed video quality

    I love digital technology and I also hate it. When it comes to audio, I love it because I have total control over my sample rates, bit rates and a whole host of other settings that effect audio quality. But when it comes to video, I have no choice but to put up with whatever I am fed. This might...
  17. Fiddle Faddle

    Looks like students are now caught out - time for a new excuse!
  18. Fiddle Faddle

    Speed stabilty issues with vinyl remastering -what are the possible causes?

    Hi, I purchased a newly-reissued Analogue Productions LP last week (RCA LSC 2449 - Bizet Carmen) that has significant speed stability problems. The type where wow is so bad, it almost induces sea-sickness! I used to duplicate this sort of effect as a 6-year old when I would deliberately press...
  19. Fiddle Faddle

    Applicator for manual cleaning machine

    Hi, I have a Record Doctor V vacuum machine and was wondering what fluid applicators I should buy? There are many out there and I am sure people have much more experience with various products than I do. Currently I am using those Last branded microfiber applicators that are a couple of mm...
  20. Fiddle Faddle

    Wonderful old Mercury vinyl purchase

    I purchased a copy of the Mercury Living Presence Haydn Symphonies 100 and 101 (SR90155) via eBay a few weeks ago. I am definitely not an expert in old vinyl, so it was a speculative purchase. It was still factory sealed but my basic knowledge did tell me it was still likely to be an RFR...
  21. Fiddle Faddle

    ORG classical London / Mercury reissues

    Hi, Does anyone know what is happening with this excellent 45 RPM vinyl series? I've bought most of them over the last 4 years, but it seems the promised releases have stagnated to the point where no new titles have been released for around 12 months. The last title I bought was the Borodin...
  22. Fiddle Faddle

    Audioquest Elements - Bridges and Falls on steroids?

    My Audioquest cable journey started off with some HDMI and Evergreen analogue interconnects for my (pretty basic) TV setup. I was actually quite impressed even by their second-from-the-bottom cables in a setup like that. Nothing at all to complain about at the price. The approach seemed to be my...
  23. Fiddle Faddle

    Chrisitan Ferras - violinist

    As a violin student when the LP era was still steaming along full swing, my teacher would often play recordings during lessons and lend them to me. It was usually the well-known greatest of the greats - Menuhin, Grumiaux, Heifetz, Ricci, Oistrakh and a young Perlman. Fair enough - you are going...
  24. Fiddle Faddle

    Cheeseburger 1, human nil
  25. Fiddle Faddle

    Inexplicably unfashionable orchestral works

    As someone whose "listening repertoire" has been moulded not only via my music education but also through years of classical radio listening, concert attendances and of course collecting recordings, sometimes I have to wonder why so many wonderful works have simply appeared to vanish into...

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