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    Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

    the new machine works perfectly. no problems at all
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    Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

    things happen.. hope better next machine.
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    Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

    Sorry Djsina2, it wasn't my intention, i'm not motherlanguage, just complaining about a new machine, things like that should not happen, specially at the beginning of a company. In my opinion
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    Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

    who said that? I contacted the manufacturer and they will send me a new unit, but hopefully when you buy a new item at this price it has to work, It's not an elctrical failure but a mechanical one, the one that QC should check before shipping..
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    Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

    Hello everybody from Italy, received a new degritter today, washed a record and is loosing water from the bottom, a lot of water, emptied the machine, dried it and recharged, washed another record, and pouring water again, and before you tell it, not from the filter, from the inside, I'm black.. Max

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