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    My thoughts on SW1X DAC II Special with USB

    I am not a huge contributor to this Board with maybe a dozen posts, likely less. I used to be a regular on AudioAsylum dating back to '95 or so and then on A-Gon forums. I live in Columbus OH, am a lawyer, and have zero connections to the audio industry. So with that out of the way, my custom...
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    Analysis Plus Silver Apex IC's

    Like many of you, I have been in this hobby for a long time-45 years. Over a year ago I was reading Mike Fremer's column and at the very end he had a single paragraph blurb about someone suggesting the Analysis Plus Silver Apex for his analogue set-up (I can't recall if it was as phono cables...
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    Fremer says 9" arms are inherently superior?

    In the latest issue of S'Phile Mikey, in the course of reviewing the 9" version of the Kuzma 4Point arm, declares the inherent superiority of 9" arms on the basis of less moment of inertia and higher rigidity. He has made such references in the past. I have no doubt he believes this but I am...
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    Other tubes than KT150's in Ref 150se?

    Yeah, the best source of getting a good answer would be to ask ARC but they don't take phone calls any more and don't respond to email as fast as the good old days. Why would I want to move away from KT150's? Well, they are somewhat sterile sounding compared to the Tung-Sol or Svetlana 6550's...

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