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  1. Philip O Hanlon

    Calling Audiophiles & Music Lovers ....

    Calling Audiophiles & Music Lovers ! Normally during the Christmas holidays, we organise at least four music sessions and invite friends over to listen to the latest Demo compilation and ask their opinion of each song. Criteria used: 1. Musically interesting. If you don't want to hear this...
  2. Philip O Hanlon

    Egans Vintage / Single Grain Whiskey - a bargain !

    Egans Vintage Grain - Single Grain. 92 proof. Here is a wonderful Irish whiskey unfamiliar to many; this sourced single grain whiskey is aged for 8 years in ex-bourbon barrels. Distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2017. While a Single Malt uses malted barley, the Pot Still whiskeys are a mixture...
  3. Philip O Hanlon

    Santana "Abraxas" 50'th Anniversary

    From 1970 is a cultural icon, as interesting as the cover "Annunciation" 1961, the original painting by German-French painter Mati Klarwein. Here is a musical masterpiece that most music lovers will enjoy immensely as the album has aged well over the past five decades. It's hard to pigeon hole...
  4. Philip O Hanlon

    Demo XXIII - Any Suggestions ?

    We're fast approaching November, this is where I ask all my friends around the world to share the most amazing music they heard during this year. So to reiterate, not looking for the best recording of fleas farting in stereo. Has to be terrific music, first & foremost. But ideally, needs to be...
  5. Philip O Hanlon

    Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal.

    Are you looking for some great music that sounds terrific ? My criteria: has to be music worth listening to, over & over again. Here are some playlists that will put a smile on your face & meanwhile put your system through its paces. Please open Tidal or Qobux and copy the link. Once the...
  6. Philip O Hanlon

    MOR = Magnum Opus ReDiscovered. Exceptional Re-Issues.

    Must-Have Re-Issues These albums will make your system sing, truly remarkable albums both musically & sonically. Classic albums that we have all heard countless times, but never at this sound quality. The cheapest improvement to your system. Enjoy. Dire Straits - Dire Straits...
  7. Philip O Hanlon

    MOR = Magnum Opus ReDiscovered. Noteworthy Re-Issues.

    Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales. Original release 2000. Jack Johnson's debut album launched out of a garage 20 years ago. The album has stood the test of time selling over 2.5 million copies to date. Remastered by Bernie Grundman from the original analog tapes, this is a true AAA edition...
  8. Philip O Hanlon

    Recent Finds - CDs and LPs -Oct 2020

    Isabeau Corriveau - A Leap Of Faith; this beautiful lady is a harpist, flautist, composer with a gorgeous voice. Her music style is principally Irish & British folk music but tastefully updated. Her seven-piece band play interesting & fresh arrangements of well-known folk songs. We used...
  9. Philip O Hanlon

    On A Higher Note - Update; Great New Gear & Wonderful New & Old Music.

    COVID Earlier this year, between April & October I was scheduled to present new products at five HiFi Shows, between April & December, & was supposed to assist at sixteen Dealer Events. Clearly have not been able to showcase any new products at the moment. But our suppliers continue to innovate...
  10. Philip O Hanlon

    Studer / Revox Service in So. CA

    Can anyone recommend a good service technician for my Revox PR99 in So California ? Many thanks Philip O'Hanlon
  11. Philip O Hanlon

    NEW - Irish Super Premium Whiskey

    From Irish Distillers experimental division - Method & Madness. M&M is only distributed across Ireland, the U.K. & France. The limited edition Single Grain Irish Whiskey 31 Year Old has been matured in an ex-Bourbon cask for 31 years. The rare single cask release has developed a “full deep...
  12. Philip O Hanlon

    Moonriver 404 = Midrange Magic

    The Moonriver 404 has recently received a running change / upgrade and all I can say is that while the amplifier before was great. With the lowering of the noise floor, increase in dynamics; a lot of micro detail is allowed to shine through the music. Spent the week alternating between the...
  13. Philip O Hanlon

    Happy St Paddy's Day !

    Happy St Patrick's Day to all audiophiles & music lovers. Hope you find time to raise a glass this evening & give thanks that we have our health, family & friends. The virus will pass & we'll all have a fresh outlook on life. My Patrick's Day playlist on Tidal; click here. enjoy Philip
  14. Philip O Hanlon

    Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?

    Pulled the trigger and ordered a black velvet & silver Galder with vacuum hold down & the Odin tonearm. Any cartridge recommendations ? How about the second tone-arm ? I have a Van den Hul Colibri platimum that I was thinking of using... Though the new black & 24k Gold Galder looks stunning...
  15. Philip O Hanlon

    Good News - A great new album "Texas Sun"

    Balmy, dreamy, and sun-drenched in a cool seventies vibe, this EP is quintessential Khruangbin, an instrumental trio who gifted us not only with dreamy, psychedelic rhythms, but with a wonderfully relaxed (retro-soul) Leon Bridges at the fore, singing his heart out . For fans of Leon Bridges, it...
  16. Philip O Hanlon

    One of the finest whiskeys - introducing Red Spot.

    History. It's a fairly recent phenomenon in Ireland that a distillery completed the whiskey’s journey. For centuries, the Irish distilleries sold their new (raw) spirit to bonders (Bonders held a bond with Custom’s & Excise to pay the applicable taxes on spirits, once the spirits were bottled)...
  17. Philip O Hanlon

    Rockport & Gryphon = a match made in sonic heaven.

    During a recent visit to Kansas City, I had a great opportunity to enjoy the Avior 2; what a wonderful speaker system for music lovers. Listening to this system, we quickly forgot about HiFi and started to get lost in the magic that the music wove in this musical chamber. Speakers well...
  18. Philip O Hanlon

    Installing the Trident 2

    I was a little apprehensive about installing the Trident 2. The Pantheons, I can just about deal with, even on my own. But the Trident 2 are about twice the volume and approx. three times the weight. when I broke my clavicle five weeks ago (cycling accident), I knew that it would be impossible...
  19. Philip O Hanlon

    Ethos evening at Sound By Singer on Thursday 13 February - 5 to 9pm

    The Ethos is one open, marvelously detailed, and fresh-sounding unit that makes listening to music an absolute joy. - Jason Victor Serinus, January 2020, Stereophile Manhattan music lovers & audiophiles are in for a treat on Thursday evening from 5 PM to 9 PM at Sound By Singer when Philip...
  20. Philip O Hanlon

    Ethos at Sound By Singer on Thursday 13 Feb.

    The Ethos is one open, marvelously detailed, and fresh-sounding unit that makes listening to music an absolute joy. - Jason Victor Serinus, January 2020, Stereophile Manhattan music lovers & audiophiles are in for a treat on Thursday evening from 5 PM to 9 PM at Sound By Singer when Philip...
  21. Philip O Hanlon

    A Tale of Two Cities | Omaha, NE & Kansas City, MO - A/B test on CD playback vs streaming on DAC with Gryphon Ethos at Sound Environment

    We were asked if we tried comparing the Redbook CD playback vs streaming using the DAC on Ethos. We have our opinion but we want yours. Come join us and hear it for yourself and share your opinion with the community! Look forward to seeing you! Flight is taking off... who's coming today? and...
  22. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon at the Capitol Audio Fest 2019 (Ethos Launch)

    20/20 Evolution Systems from Potomac MD are honored to announce that we are hosting the N.American launch of the production version of the new Gryphon Ethos CD player. Other Gryphon products include the Pandora preamp, Mephisto stereo amp and the Pantheon speakers; all wired with Truitt Physics...
  23. Philip O Hanlon

    Vote for which album should be shared by music lovers across N.America at the next MORmusic party in December

    We separated the albums into 60th, 50th and 40th anniversary celebration and provided voting links, TIDAL and QOBUZ link for sampling HERE. Click link HERE to go to our voting panel to make your vote count.
  24. Philip O Hanlon

    A little piece of Heaven in L.A. - new Gryphon showroom at the Pacific Design Center.

    Joseph Cali Systems Design opened their new Gryphon showroom last night ; it was utterly magical. Among the Gryphon equipment on demonstration were : Antileon EVO stereo amp, Zena preamp with optional DAC, Sonnet phono stage, Scorpio S upsampling CD player, Diablo 120 and Diablo 300. Speakers...
  25. Philip O Hanlon

    Common Wave (Los Angeles) presents Graham Audio's LS5/9f (new) and a sneak peek at the upcoming LS3P.

    Common Wave is delighted to announce a fun day with Graham Audio, where most models will be on active display. The new LS5/9f (retail $8k) punches well outside its class. While retaining the midrange magic of the LS5/9 Here is what Art Dudley wrote in Stereophile after listening to the LS5/9f...
  26. Philip O Hanlon

    The Gryphon Has Finally Landed in Nevada !

    Long overdue! Reno, Nevada / Tahoe, CA joins the ranks of cities with high end stores with a strong showing of high end electronics manufacturers being represented in curated systems. Mountrose Music: Reno/Tahoe’s only premier home entertainment store and showroom. Situated in Reno NV...
  27. Philip O Hanlon

    Graham Audio's LS5/8

    I installed a factory fresh pair of LS5/8 in our living room yesterday and was gob smacked by their performance. All of the wonderful qualities of the LS5/9 are there: midrange magic, timbral accuracy, three dimensional soundstage. But the bigger brother plays so much bigger, it almost makes...
  28. Philip O Hanlon

    Gryphon Dealer Event - Boston, MA 27 July

    We are delighted to announce that Goodwin's High End will be launching Gryphon electronics at their store on Saturday 27 July. Equipment in the reference system: Gryphon Pandora preamplifier Gryphon Legato phono stage Gryphon Mephisto stereo amplifier Magico M3 loudspeakers Basis Transcendence...
  29. Philip O Hanlon

    Irish notes on Irish Coffee

    wer Powers Gold label is more expensive than Jameson but worth the extra few $$. The cream should be whipped until light & fluffy but still pourable. Do NOT whip until stiff. Besides the good whiskey, great coffee also is a prerequisite. Danesi Gold or Doppio coffee beans are v popular in our...
  30. Philip O Hanlon

    Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, England + Graham

    Graham's LS5/9 used at the mixing console at the Royal Opera House.

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