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    Wonderful Brazilian Music

    Wishing all a blessed and safe Holiday season! Just had to share a recording that I thought sounded fantastic. "Todo O Sentimento" with Elizeth Cardoso & Raphael Rabello. Although downloaded from iTunes (44.1kHz) the performance and sound quality are wonderful.
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    Stanley Turrentine must have recording

    Just finished listening to 2CD set of Stanley Turrentine "Up At Minton's". Wonderful performance and great sonics even though it was recorded live in 1961!!! Really captures the venue as well. Just close your eyes and your transported back! Stanley Turrentine on sax, Grant Green on...
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    Simply amazing live recording

    Recently acquired the six disc CD set of Keith Jarrett at the Blue Note. Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and John DeJohnette recorded in 1994. Wonderful jazz selections and sonics are fantastic. ECM Recordings. Fantastic!
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    Hello from Connecticut

    I'm Vito from Connecticut. Looking forward to posting and contributing to this wonderful forum. I really enjoy listening to my audio system which includes Wilson Sasha speakers, Levinson 33H amps, ARC Ref 5SE preamp, JL Audio f212 subs, Playback Designs MPS-5 w/ DSD capability. I have owned...

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