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  1. Ron Resnick

    Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 and Ballades

    What is your favorite performance and your favorite analog recording of Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1?
  2. Ron Resnick

    Bryan Adams Reckless Reissue on Vinyl

    Does anyone have the A&M vinyl re-issue of Bryan Adams Reckless? Does the re-issue sound better than the original release? Thank you!
  3. Ron Resnick

    Happy Holidays!

    Tinka, Lola and I wish each of you and your families happy holidays, a merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy and music-filled 2021!
  4. Ron Resnick

    Can We Predict in Which Systems Audiophiles Will Like vdH Cartridges?

    I have an observation, which I would like to test as a theory. I believe that I have noticed a correlation between the components in the systems of audiophiles who like the vdH Master Signature or Grand Cru (collectively, a "vdH") cartridge in their systems, and the components in the systems of...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Amp Stand for Heavy Amp on Wood Floor?

    If you have a big, heavy amplifier with a wood floor underneath what do you use for an amp stand? I know Adona makes the Zero GX1 Reference, and Symposium Acoustics makes a flat, multi-layered platform. These seem reasonably priced. Of course CMS and HRS make their very expensive amp stands...
  6. Ron Resnick

    Succinct Comparison of Cartridge Types

    On the PS Audio blog today Paul McGowan posted this interesting and succinct comparison primer of cartridge types he received from his friend, Gary Galo: “Actually, very few moving-magnet cartridges have the magnets attached directly to the stylus. The old Decca cartridges did, as I recall, but...
  7. Ron Resnick

    MIT MI-330 Interconnects

    Does anyone still use MIT MI-330 interconnects? How do these old interconnects compare sonically to current production competitors?
  8. Ron Resnick

    Pivoting Linear-Tracking Tonearms

    Pivoting linear-tracking tonearms are a fascinating category of tonearms. Do they combine the best characteristics of pivoting tonearms and linear-tracking, or the worst characteristics of both designs? In the linear-tracking category are these pivoting tonearms sonically superior to...
  9. Ron Resnick

    Aesthetix Io Input Connection Poll

    This post is to survey which phono input members use on their Aesthetix Io. I vaguely remember from years back that Jim White recommended the balanced (XLR) input. I am curious what people do today.
  10. Ron Resnick

    Return to Audioquattr

    I just enjoyed three days of extensive listening to audioquattr's current system. Tinka and I visited audioquatter and his wonderful family exactly one year ago. Since that visit audioquattr made two very large changes to the system: 1) the repositioning of the openings of the basshorns in...
  11. Ron Resnick

    Cardas Clear Beyond XL Phono Cable

    Does anyone use, or have direct experience with, Cardas Clear Beyond XL phono cable?
  12. Ron Resnick

    Microphone Set-up for Audio System Recordings

    In a couple of weeks I will be ordering a complete set of video recording and audio recording components to conduct interviews of high-end audio designers and prominent audiophiles. I have selected the Canon XA-50 camcorder and Sennheiser AVX wireless receivers and Sennheiser MKE-2 lapel...
  13. Ron Resnick

    Good flat screen TV for about US$500

    We are thinking about getting a new flatscreen TV for a friend's apartment. I am thinking something in a 55 to 60 inch range. I, personally, I know nothing about TVs and I don't follow video stuff at all. The last thing I knew was that the Sony Trinitron XBR was a good TV. What is a standard...
  14. Ron Resnick

    REL: 2X2 No. 25 versus 3X2 G1 Mark II?

    Four (4) REL No. 25s are approximately the same cost as six (6) REL G1 Mark IIs. Assuming space and aesthetics are not issues, how should one go about deciding whether to get a four pack of No. 25s or a six pack of G1 Mark IIs? Which is the better option if one wants to reproduce with...
  15. Ron Resnick

    McCarty's Sacro-Ease Memory Foam Seat Cushion

    I have spent so much time recently at my local Relax- the-Back store in Thousand Oaks, California, researching Lifeform chairs that I began to feel guilty. So I was looking around for something to buy to thank the store manager for spending so much time with me. I've been driving my 2010 Ford...
  16. Ron Resnick

    Sennheiser AVX Wireless Receiver and MKE2 Lapel Mic

    Is anyone familiar with Sennheiser's AVX wireless receiver? Is anyone familiar with Sennheiser's MKE2 lapel microphone? If so, what has been your experience with them? What is your recommedation for a wireless receiver and lapel microphone?
  17. Ron Resnick

    4K Camcorders: Canon XA40, XA50

    Is anyone familiar with Canon's new line of 4K camcorders, the XA40, XA45, XA50 and XA55? If so, what has been your experience with them? What is your recommendation for a 4K camcorder?
  18. Ron Resnick

    Fabric or Leather Upholstery for Listening Chair?

    Who thinks a listening chair should be upholstered with fabric rather than with leather out of the concern that leather reflects sound? Have you ever directly compared for listening purposes a fabric chair with a leather chair? How did each material make the sound you heard at your ears appear...
  19. Ron Resnick

    How Source the Highest Resolution Downloads?

    My current view is that if I want to listen to a digitally recorded album, then I want to replay it digitally, not on vinyl. (Please accept this operating hypothesis for the purpose of this particular thread.) I appreciate that asking the question "which is the highest resolution download?"...
  20. Ron Resnick

    DSD to Vinyl Versus Analog Tape to Vinyl

    Paul McGowan of PS Audio embarked some time ago upon the incredibly impressive project of making new recordings of singers and musicians employing audiophile recording techniques and what Paul believes is the highest sound quality DSD digital recording process. I think any effort to record new...
  21. Ron Resnick


    Introduction Jonathan Grado, Vice President of Marketing at Grado Labs, of Brooklyn, New York, offered in November of 2019 to send to me the Lineage Series Epoch3, the new version of the Epoch moving iron cartridge, and the Grado Labs flagship cartridge. I replied that I would love to audition...
  22. Ron Resnick

    Innuos ZENmini Mk3 Streamer/Dac

    How does the sound of this streamer/DAC combination device compare to the sound of other streamer.DAC competitors in its price range (MSRP US$1,250)? The next model up -- the ZEN Mk3 -- appears not to have a built-in DAC. If I get talked into a separate streamer and separate DAC -- which of...
  23. Ron Resnick

    Stephen Stills' Love the One Your With

    I think this is a timeless kind of song with a great harmony from the Laurel Canyon era. It also was recorded several times by CS&N and CSN&Y, and covered by several other groups and artists. What is your favorite recording of this song? What is your favorite version of this song?
  24. Ron Resnick

    Suzanne Vega: An Evening of New York Songs and Stories

    I received this LP today. Of course I can't play it. The tracks include some of her most popular songs. I have high hopes for the recording quality! Has anybody played this album yet? How does it sound?
  25. Ron Resnick

    "Overlanding" in a TouRig Customized Off-Road Mercedes Sprinter Van

    In the midst of the global virus pandemic who among us has not imagined bugging out in an off-road capable 4 wheel drive expedition vehicle of some kind? EarthRoamer makes huge globe-trotting over-landing vehicles, but I doubt I would last a day driving one of those behemoths before I...
  26. Ron Resnick

    Real Estate: Castles in Europe

    Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1HL ENGLAND I stumbled across this real estate listing for a 10,000 square foot full-on castle about a two hour drive West of London, England. It is a quintessential castle with turrets and cellars and fortress-thick walls and dungeon cellar. The place apparently has...
  27. Ron Resnick

    Wilshire Media Systems of Westlake Village, CA

    As part of our house repair/renovation we thought it would be nice to install a home theater system in a dedicated room. I am responsible for the audio system in the room next door, and Tinka took over the home theater project. After meeting with and interviewing several home theater...
  28. Ron Resnick

    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    Traditionally I have thought that the selection of a preamplifier and the selection of an amplifier are opportunities to select in each case the component you think sounds best for your system, regardless of manufacturer. I have never held a presumption that one should buy a pre-amplifier and...
  29. Ron Resnick

    Berkshire Hathaway Buys Barrick Gold Shares

    "Meanwhile, Berkshire added a bet in gold miner Barrick Gold in the second quarter, worth about $562 million. This was an unusual move considering Buffett has long professed a dislike for gold, preferring assets that have cash flows." CNBC (August 14, 2020)
  30. Ron Resnick

    What is this Wacky-Looking Room Tuning Device?

    I saw this photo of a Japanese audiophile's system on Mono and Stereo. Look on the sides at this collection of broomsticks of varying lengths mounted vertically on a wood base. Does anyone know what this product is? How does it supposedly work?

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