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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Testing now with a Signal Hub and a bunch of Alpha cables on loan from The thing that had me confused with the naming is that I was thinking that chassis connections belong on a chassis hub and a signal hub is only for signal connections. Not true. Richard told me that a...
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Hi, Yes I re-read the Hub Selection Guide and you are right. Seems like if you start with a Chassis Hub and want to segment digital and analog later on, then leaving the analog components on the Chassis Hub and adding a Signal Hub for the digital components works pretty well too. I’ll do some...
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Hi there - thanks very much, My plan is to start with my preamp, analog crossover and monoblock amps on a chassis hub and then to potentially add in digital components with a signal ground hub.
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Thanks very much. I am unable to get a low Ohm reading from anywhere on my KTE May to the Ground Pin on the IEC receptacle . I had no issues with all my other gear .. S/PDIF on my Holo Audio Red was sub 1 Ohm and for most other gear I can use a chassis screw, which I think is preferred in any...
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Hello there, just looking at potentially adding an Altaira to my setup (already have Venom CGS from my EtherREGEN to my Denali 6000s v2. QN - I have a Holo Audio May KTE but I can't seem to get a low resistance reading anywhere. Do you get <1 Ohm to the S/PDIF? Thanks, James

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