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    Advent 100A Dolby B noise reduction.

    Anyone who has collected prerecorded tapes from the Barclay Crocker company has become aware of the limitations imposed by the necessary decoding of the Dolby B noise reduction used by that company. Over the years I've assembled quite a few Dolby B units from Teac, Sony, Advent and Integrex and...
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    An appreciation of an Ampex 351 tape deck

    For several years I've been working on restoring an Ampex 351 tape deck. I began this project before the fairly recent resurgence of interest in all things connected with magnetic tape machines. This meant that I was able to buy at reasonable prices complete transports and electronics chassis...
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    Martin Logan CLS II/IIa

    Hello, Here are a few photos of my system with Martin Logan CLS II speakers:

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