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    Now, this is how to listen to Stereo...

    New York pad and Boenicke W8's. Who cares if the right speaker is blocked by a fuzzy couch? (picture from the Boenicke Facebook site)
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    Earspace Speaker comparison video's

    Jana Dagdagan, formerly with Stereophile, and a very talented filmmaker, has some interesting video's where she compares different systems, with 4 standard references, recorded with binaural headphones. She has done Devore Reference...
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    Devore Reference

    Has anyone listened to these?
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    Roon Labs Future?

    I heard disturbing news from an industry insider, that early this year Roon "fired it's 2-channel guys." The two prominent names mentioned are Steve Silberman and Bill Leebens. He believes that this is no coincidence that the latest software release, by many accounts, took Roon's sound...
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    MSB Premier or Lampi Pacific

    To follow up on the previous locked-down discussion: I was able to compare the Premier (w/ upgraded clock, power base and Pro USB) to my Pacific. The difference was pretty striking, for me, in favor of the Pacific. While the MSB sounded very good with a full and rich tonality -- The...
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    What is your ambient room spl level?

    And, are your measuring db-A pr db-C? I've noticed db-A gives a level 10 db lower than C. My db-A level is in the mid 30's. (measured on "db meter" smart phone app).
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    FMC -- Gigafoil -- EtherRegen Question

    I've just run 100' of fiber, with FMC's at either end, from utility room to audio room. The plan is to use the fiber instead of the existing long run of ethernet. My question is: would it make theoretical sense to place my Gigafoil in the ethernet run between the FMC and the EtherRegen...
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    Pimped out Premier or Lampi Pacific?

    I'm planning to sell my beloved Pacific (if I get the price I need for it). Otherwise, I'll be very happy to keep it. I'm kind of tired of dealing with tube issues and I'm very interested in the dac Bakoon will eventually come out with that may optimize with my Bakoon 13r amp and its Satri...
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    Most Respected Amplifier Designers

    I'm curious to hear names of amp designers over the years that you particularly respect. Whether well known, or under the radar, whose designs to you think are exceptionally innovative and well executed? I'm also not that curious about the super high end amps (where most of the value might be...
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    Luxman C-600f pre amp

    Does anyone have experience with the C 600f line stage pre? I'm also curious how it compares with the newer C700u? My amp is the Luxman 300 q. (300b SET).
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    Acourate with Lumin, Tidal and Roon

    Hi, Is anyone using this combination? I'm just beginning to look into it.
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    What do you use for EQ processing

    I use an Ashley ne4400. My concern is that it's DAC might be a weak link in the signal chain. My source is the Lumin S1 with the ESS Sabre 32 bit dac chips. Can anyone suggest eq processors with dac's of comparable quality to the Lumins? Does it matter? Thanks
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    Lumin S1 and Ashley digital processor

    My system's sole source is the Lumin S1 network player. I'm currently listening mostly to 44.1 khz, 16 bit streamed from Tidal. The Lumin is capable of up to 192khz 24 bit PCM files and DSD 128, but I haven't listened to much higher res yet. The signal from the Lumin then goes through the...
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    Stein Music Harmonizers

    Does anyone have experience with the Harmonizers? I'm curious to audition. And what about the "Magic Rocks"? (They seem to undermine their credibility there, but who knows, maybe there's also a magic rock in Harmonizer box! But I have an open mind...

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