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    Two pairs: My Sonic Lab Eminent Solo mono and Hyper Eminent cartridges, plus Glanz MH-104S and MH-124S tonearms

    Some new arrivals. Currently working on a write-up but thought I'd share the pics. I feel rather spoilt by this experience, I must say.
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    Just arrived: Allnic Rose MC cartridge

    Arrived today - Allnic Rose. One of two Puritas successors - Amber (boron cantilever) and Rose (aluminium cantilever). Compliance of 10 x 10-6 which is broadly similar to my Miyajima Madake, so suitable for a greater range of tonearms than the Puritas (7 x 10-6). Suspension has been majorly...
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    Recently arrived - Audiopax Model 5 preamp

    Been meaning to put some words down on my latest acquisition (that is, before my next acquisition arrives which is fairly soon!) - an Audiopax Model 5 preamp. It’s been a long journey - over six months on the pre specifically - though the larger change started about a year ago when I changed my...
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    Anyone got any experience of the Glanz MH-124S tonearm?

    Pondering a change vs my Ikeda IT-407 .. just curiosity really. For use on Schopper'd TD124. Currently paired for with an IT-345 which is primarily used as a dedicated arm for mono with mono cartridges and SUT. I have an SME 3012 here as well which is far from disgraced with a lovely fluid...
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    Hi from the UK

    Hi from the UK :) Had a visit from Kedar today who is a regular here, I have been here before to read the odd thread but it's probably time I joined. Mainly classical listener, former professional musician earning a crust in IT. I have a decent record collection around 4,000 LPs across a...

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