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    Phono cable recommendations?

    Dear all, been a happy user of the forums. Gained a lot of interesting perspectives, and for now, it is a relatively friendly place. I have been discovering the joys of vinyl playback recently, and my setup currently consists of an Avid Volvere SP, with an SME IV tonearm and an Airtight PC3...
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    Amp Stand for Vitus SS103

    Dear friends, as you all can guess from my thread title, I have finally decided to continue sticking to Vitus for my amp! In order to accommodate it though, I would need to move it out from my rack, and onto the floor. Obviously that's not ideal so I have been asking around for some opinions...
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    Amp suggestions for Marten Coltrane Tenor

    Hi all, currently a happy user of Marten Coltrane Tenors (mk1) speakers and Vitus SL-102 and SM 010 amps. DAC is CH Precision C1 and Ayon CDT 2 as a transport. Recently the SM 010 developed buzzing on one of the amps, and the local dealer has given me a great deal for the SS 103. However...
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    CH Precision C1 DAC Power Cord/Upgrade recommendations?

    Hi all. I am a recent owner of the CH Precison C1 DAC, and added in the network card recently which made me a very happy man. However, I am still looking for a good power cord to pair with it. I have been very lucky to try Goebel, Siltech Double Crown, Ruby Mountain, Crystal Cable Dreamline...

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