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    Esoteric P03 & D03 vs K07xs or K05xs

    Good decision. Now she can’t scold you if you upgrade to the Grandioso :D
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    Magico M9 >>>>Fulfillment

    I strongly suggest you find an opportunity to have a listen then you will understand. I’d say they are same level as other highend brand, just different character.
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    Magico M9 >>>>Fulfillment

    I need to know such friend! Wow
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    Magico M9 >>>>Fulfillment

    Let’s focus on magico m9.
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    Pilium Audio in action-

    What’s his impression of the Elektra? And what’s on top of it?
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    Pilium Audio in action-

    Ayon, Accuphase, Chord and others.
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    Pilium Audio in action-

    Welcome Pilium Elektra to my humble system. I used to think pre and amp are most important for the system and DACs are just DACs. I also assume in my system I can’t hear much difference from one dac to another. I was so wrong! So much higher resolution and more dynamic from Elektra than any...
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    New Pilium Gear!!!!

    exactly. So time for a full set of Pilium gears :D
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    Best DACs comparison test result [[My Subjective Opinion]]

    Agree with that. Like to hear someone’s personal opinion after listening to all these group of dacs.
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    Best DACs comparison test result [[My Subjective Opinion]]

    I hope you have heard Pilium Elektra as well? Where will you rank it in your list? Thank you!
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    Pilium Audio in action-

    Hi Bob, are these in silver or arctic white colour? (Other than the picture in black one of course)
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    Pass labs XP32 vs Luxman C900U

    Luxman tends to harmonise sounds a bit.
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    Curious About Cables - Curious USB and FoilFlex Analog Cable

    I have foilflex SC and XLR. Very nice neutral and delicate sound. Personally I prefer their XLR to their SC.
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    New Pilium Gear!!!!

    Have you had a chance to listen to Pilium? Any thought? Thanks.
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    Magico M3 driven by Boulder 2160 OR Luxman m900u (monos) OR Pilium OR Centaur II 500

    Hi, did you compared your initial list and decided for the boulders? Congratulations
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    gryphon .vs. luxman .vs. pilium

    Very interested to know what’s your final thought as we are on the same path.
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    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    Hi I’m a bit late to join your journey, what is the pre and amp you choose to suit with your YG?
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    L10/M10 ready in june

    How’s it going, post 24th now
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    CH Precision Amp

    What What amp did you go for?
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    Philip's Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal.

    This is great, thanks for three hard work.
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    Pilium Audio in action-

    Hi Bob, would you mind explaining difference between Pilium’s integrated and separates? Does the separates win by quite a margin?
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    Ordered the Pantheon

    THE GRYPHON PENDRAGON floorstanding speakers

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