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    Speakon connector

    I wonder why speakon connector is not popular in home audio. I’m never a fan of spade and banana plug. I think speakon connector provides much better grip and contact. It is a chicken and egg problem. Amp and speaker manufacturers are not willing to install speakon connector as their customers...
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    FS: Center Stage foot 1.0

    I have eight pieces of Center Stage 1.0 for sale. $200 each. Price including shipping.
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    Ground rod length

    If I want to the install separate ground rod for my audio circuit, what are the recommendations: 1. Length 2. Thickness Is it also necessary to install two ground rods with minimum distance 6 feet apart?
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    Recommendation of in wall AC cable

    I am going to run some AC wires from my breaker panel to my Hi-Fi rig. Any recommendation of good AC wire?
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    FS: Sablon Audio Corona Reserva Elite power cord

    This is the power cable with Furutech FI-50 NCF plugs. Few months old. Asking $1200 including shipping.
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    Geroge Michael RIP

    George Michael RIP George Michael RIP. 2016 is a bad year for music. First Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Prince and now George Michael.
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    Shunyata DENALI

    Anyone have any news on the latest product from Shunyata?
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    Equitech Q transformer

    After 6 months delay, I finally got delivery of Equitech 10KVA Q transformer. It is a real deal. The bass is so much tighter. And one can feel that there is plenty of energy in reserve. Never sound ran out of gas. It is very quiet. The transformer never hums. It is one of the best purchases I...
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    Sigma cable variant for Devialet

    As IEC socket on Devialet is very tight, it is next to impossible to use new Sigma cables. I wonder whether Shunyata will make a dedicated Sigma variant cable for Devialet to take advantage of new Sigma technology. As Devialet is power amp and DAC in one piece, Shunyata may be can make a hybrid...
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    schuko plug

    As we know schuko plug are unpolarised plug (there is no distinction between live and neutral, you can plug in either way), will it be dangerous as we all know that live wire carries power to the component and neutral return current to the power station? There can be cases neutral wire of your...
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    Triton and Equi=Tech wall panel

    I am thinking to install Equi=tech balance power wall panel. Is Triton or Typhoon compatible with it since the neutral and earth are not on the same voltage level due to balance power?
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    Question on Triton

    At the moment, I am using PS audio P10 for front end sources. The reason is that the incoming voltage is 210v but most of my equipments are 230v. I am using P10 to step up the voltage to 230v. I am thinking to switch to Triton. Is it a better move since Triton cannot step up voltage to 230v.
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    I have MBL 9011 amps. The two IEC inlets are very close to each other. If one insert Anaconda PC into one of the inlets, it is impossible to insert another Anaconda PC. If one use shunyata-universal-cable-adapter, it maybe possible to use Anaconda into second inlet. My question is that whether...

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