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  1. thomask

    Western Electric Audio Museum

    I had been to Korea for 7 weeks to attend the wedding of my daughter. I talked on the phone with Mr Chung whether Silbatone 300B SET is up to driving Altec A7 speaker which was available in West Vancouver, BC Canada across the border. After getting positive opinion from Mr Chung, I bought...
  2. thomask

    Lansche 4.1

    Lansche Audio Lansche Plasma 4.1 | Full-Range | Covina, California 91724 | Audiogon This looks exactly same as mine,although I do not have mine on sale. The speaker is a real beauty (nice WAF) and work well with SET amp even in good size listening room due to high efficiency (off 99db/w, real...
  3. thomask

    Which one to choose between two 80K$ tube amps?

    There are two interesting 80K$ tube amps on sale at Audiogon. The first one is David Berning OTL design with output of 60 Watts. it looks beautiful. But I had never used OTL amp yet. I am curious how it sounds...
  4. thomask

    Top 10 epic audio items in my audio history.

    I had my first serious audio system on 1978. Garrard turntable, ADS bookself speaker, Fisher Integrated amp(SS). The following is top 10 epic products that had made me blown out. 1. Thiel speaker driven by Perreuax pre and power(200watts) on 1986 2. Apogee Duetta Sig speaker on 1989 3. Krell...
  5. thomask

    Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes

    I will have shootout between TS BGRP, RCA vt231, KR vt231, Syl vt231, Raytheon vt 231 and "Bad boy" next weekend. If I get MELZ 6N8S 6SN7 Metal Base next week, then I will also include it in shootout RCA5691, Psavne Acme 300B, Psavne Acme 805 are also being used in Line Magnetic 508...
  6. thomask

    New Totl headphone amp

    New kid on the block I am intrigued by this Linear Tube Audio Z10e Integrated Electrostatic/Magnetic Headphone/Speaker Amplifier since I have Stax 009s. I have also recently had the pleasure of auditioning a...
  7. thomask

    Nice subwoofers can make your speaker sing!

    I had been using Lansche 4.1 since 2007. It has pristine treble out of with plasma tweeter and nice bass out of two 10 inch active woofer and high efficiency(99db/w spec but real no is close to 95db/w) suitable for Small power SET amplifier. Although...
  8. thomask

    Skagit Valley Tulip Festival got cancelled due to Corona Virus

    Skagit County is located halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Its famous for tulip festival which used to be held on April every year. But it got cancelled due to Corona Virus this year. I took those nice photos two years ago. This place is just 20 min drive from my home. But I...
  9. thomask

    Dear Mom I miss you!

    I had my first grandson born about 10 days ago. But also I lost my dear mother(1932-2020) 4 days ago and finished her funeral yesterday in Korea. Both my parents had lived until 87 years and 11 months old. I hope that they will keep happy together in another world.
  10. thomask

    Why I am awake at 3AM. Pacific time?

    My daughter will have baby delivered pretty soon ( in two hours). I am going to be 60 years young grandfather. Thus I am awake until I get the news. Recently I am in audio heaven. Raal Sr1a headphone driven by Schitt Jotuheim R give very musical sound with fast and open transients. Lansche...
  11. thomask

    Best headphone under 10k$ The author claimed that Raal Sr1a give more details than Stax 009s. He prefers Sr1a to Abyss 1266 TC(p13) on overall performance. “You can argue about the rustic look of the SR1a, but not about the tonal...
  12. thomask

    Busan Seaside Photo

    I am going to Haeundae Busan, Korea this coming Friday. Some photos that I took Spring last year were up there. I am not sure I can take nice photos this time again or not.
  13. thomask

    Classical music CD Black Friday Sale I had already bought most of them and been enjoying Galway, Arthur Rubinstein and Leonard Bernstein...
  14. thomask

    What audio item did you buy on this Black Friday sale?

    I pulled the trigger for Raal SR1a headphone on Black Friday sale. I hope that Jotunheim R(dedicated amp) will be released soon so that I may use it with my SR1a which is one of the hottest headphone now. RAAL requisite audio SR1a Review: HOLY MOLY! Buy this now! I had Apogee Duetta Sig...
  15. thomask

    Carmine Street Guitars

    I had watched this movie during flight from Seattle to Seoul yesterday. It is really wonderful story about guitar master who is not willing to sell his 6 million $ building to keep this shop. The intermittent play by nice guitar players to test guitar offered in the shop are also amusing...
  16. thomask

    Audio hobby is like tasting wine.

    1. There is no best wine for everyone. It depends on personal taste to choose favorite wine. 2. Law of diminishing return apply to both audio and wine. 100$ wine is not 10 times better than 10$ wine. 1,000$ wine is not 10 times better than 100$ wine. 3. You need experience to...
  17. thomask

    Empire Zeus Iem on sale(250$ off) I had been using this IEM for 9 months with satisfaction. It is very detailed with clear and wide headstage. It also gives good impact but does not go super deep as well as Raal SR1a. With very high efficiency, it can be driven...
  18. thomask

    Winter landscape in October

    I had been to Picture Lake in Northwest of Washington State near Mt Baker Ski resort on Oct 26th, 2019. There are fresh snow but lake was not frozen. I look young since I am only 59 years young! Haha Landscape without me! This is the hot point for landscape photographer. On the way...
  19. thomask

    Headphone King of Soundstage?

    I received new Sennheiser HD 800S headphone yesterday. Without any break-in, it did not show any hard edge. Some IEM like Hifiman need more than 100 hours of break in before harsh treble is gone. But after playing it for few hours, it seems to show more details and bass resonance. From some...
  20. thomask

    Happiness lies in the satisfaction

    I will stay in Seoul, Korea for dental work another 2 weeks at 19th floor hotel room. But I am quite happy with the sound out of Massdrop Empire Zeus IEM (I paid 1K$) using my Dell Gaming Laptop and Youtube source. It is quite musical with almost 75% of nuanced details and realistic...
  21. thomask

    Is this sign of getting old?

    When I was young in 1970's, I was a fan of Carpenters, Classical music like Mozart's requiem, Dvorak's Cello Concerto and Fritz Wunderlich's singing "Dichiterliebe" by Schumann. On the other hand, I had no love for Elvis which I found too rugged. But during last 2 years, I had been...
  22. thomask

    Nagra HD DAC X

    Someone claimed that Nagra HD DAC X is his favorite DAC right now. It sets the reference line under his preferences of resolution, dynamics, soundstage, neutrality, transparency, midrange and bottom end. The Nagra DAC is the only one he heard matching the best turntables.... and a lot cheaper...
  23. thomask

    I lied to my wife about the cost of Stax 009S headphone

    My wife is the youngest of my mom in law who is 88 years old. Recently my wife is staying with her mom to take care expecting her mom can live just one more year or so. Thus I am having happy life playing music loud even during midnight. My house is seated on 2 acre lot so that my neighbors...
  24. thomask

    Subjective grading of DAC that I had heard during last one year period.

    My first serious audio system was Garrard turntable, Fisher Int(SS), ADS bookspeaker bought on 1978. I bought Technics CD player on 1984. It sound harsh and bright compared with vinyl. I gave up vinyl when I moved from Berkeley to Chicago on 1988 since I had no room to carry in my small car...
  25. thomask

    Please find the excuses for me not to buy Stax 009S headphone

    I may had got into rabbit hole of Headphone. After getting Massdrop Empire Zeus IEm, I had been happy with its dynamics and nuanced details. But after having gone back to my 2 channel system of Lansche 4.1 speaker driven by Line Magnetic 508 SET amplifier, I want more out of IEM. My main...
  26. thomask

    Amazon Prime vs Youtube SQ comparison?

    I started listened to above recording as Vinyl on 1979. It had been one of my favorite recording. On 1985 I also bought CD of this performance, but it's sound was harsh on Technics CD player. Whenever I had changed my digital system, I used to play this CD again to check the improvement...
  27. thomask

    ISOTEK - Full System Enhancer CD I had tried several system cleaning CDs to have some modest effect. But this one from Isotek give jaws dropping effect of cleaning soundstage with reducing hiss noise. It is worth every penny. MusicDirect...
  28. thomask

    Best Headphone under 1k$?

    I had enjoyed using SoundMAGIC E11C while out of town for 3 weeks on May. But I also got HIFIMAN SUNDARA from Amazon 10 days ago to compare it with SoundMAGIC E11C . Although I will keep SoundMAGIC E11C for travel, I enjoy the sound from HIFIMAN SUNDARA much better. It sound open and...
  29. thomask


    Palouse Falls and fields is one of the must to be place for landscape photographer I had taken some nice photos two years ago. Tomorrow, I will go there again with good expectation.
  30. thomask

    If you still spin CDs, this may be the best option.

    On 25th, May, I went to Yongsan Electronic Land, Seoul, Korea. With this combination, it sounds effortless, very detailed with clear focus, deep and wide soundstage. It is one of the best high end sound that I had ever heard. The front end was Metronome Kalista Reference 30 year anniversary...

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