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    Network Improvements and their Impact on Sound Quality

    The goal of this thread is to share experiences with the Network environment associated with streamed digital music. The hypothesis is that just like other areas of audio, improvements to and optimization of the quality of the network used to stream digital music can have a very positive impact...
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    Optimising dedicated Hi-Fi mains supply

    When this whole Covid19 epidemic is over, I’m going to have an electrician update my 2 dedicated mains supplies, but in the meantime I’d like to confirm its design and make sure I’m ordering the correct components Right now I have the following installed: Tails are taken from the back of the...
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    Here’s the problem with measuring hi-fi performance

    How many times have you read posts on forums that demand measurements to back-up claims. How many times have you seen manufacturer’s claims rubbished due to the lack of scientific evidence (measurements). But here’s the problem. Most of what we ‘hear’ in audio is based on our psychoacoustic...

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