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    ? What Jazz Music Selection are you Listening to in the Now? | Analog, Digital ??????

    I'm groovin to Miss Betty Carter scatting her head off with [ Surrey With The Fringe On Top- Round Midnight - 1975 live]
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    Is That So?

    The legend of Wilson Pickett and James Brown being enemies is not true, Pickett didn't like being compared to Brown, but they were in fact good friends.
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    The Jazz Guitar- Is Anything Prettier?

    As I sit and listen to some of the greats- George Benson- Wes Montgomery- Kenny Burrell- Charley Byrd- Earl Klugh, and I just sort of float away on a cloud of Jazz mellowness..there's something very soothing about the sounds emitting from the Jazz guitar...Anyone else feel the same vibes?
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    Oh, I'm just groovin with- Kenny Burrell.
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    Two Great Female Group Doo-Wop Gems

    Most old doo-woppers remember the classic[Eddie My Love-The Teen Queens] but who remembers the seldom heard gem from The Supremes[ The Tears-1961]with Mary Wilson on lead? maybe the best two ever?
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    Is That So?

    Thanks, great info.
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    Is That So?

    The background harmonies on the soul classic[He'll Be Back-The Players]were sung by[The Dells] who just happened to be in the studio...Motown almost dropped[Little Stevie Wonder ] after his first hit[Fingertips] but cooler heads prevailed and the rest is history.
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    What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)

    I have a[Technics Quartz SL-QD33] I've had it awhile but it still plays great.
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    Follow Me-The Isley Bros.
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    What are your “desert island” tapes…the ones you cannot live without?

    I'll grab my[6 volume]Temptations ] collection as well as The Impressions- The Miracles- The Drifters- Nat King Cole.
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    Tape Deck Erases Parts Of Cassettes- any suggestions?

    Thanks, good advice about tech, I will try to find one.
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    Tape Deck Erases Parts Of Cassettes- any suggestions?

    I have a Pioneer CT W404R tape deck, which I've had for some years and I keep it cleaned plays well, but lately it sometimes will erase parts of a cassette, any help will be welcomed.
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    She Drives Me Wild- M.J.
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    That Black Magic-The Softones
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    Best Song Covers?

    Bobby Hebb of[Sunny] fame did a nice cover of the classic[Where Are You].
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    Recent Finds - CDs and LPs -Oct 2020

    I recently found a nice LP from[Kenny Burrell- Jimmy Smith].
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    Is That So?

    Although they were from New York, the Soul group[Manhattans] chose their group name after the drink[Manhattan].
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    Frem Fram Sauce-Nat King Cole.
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Groovin with Eddie Kendricks-Vol 2.
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    Celebrities remember Sidney Poitier following his death: 'One of the greats'

    I don't think he made a bad one, the first cool Black leading man who also did...[The Long Ships- For Love Of Ivy- Buck And The Preacher] one of the true greats of the silver screen.
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    Nice post, I go back to the days of...Romeo Bally's- Hush Puppies- Swiss Masters- Bass Weeguns- Blue Tips- Johnson Murphy- Chucks...just to name a few!
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    Who Remembers- The Intruders?

    This cool group from Philly had such classics as [Cowboys To Girls- United- A Nice Girl Like You- Friends No More- But You Belong To Me- Together- When We Get Married- Slowdrag] featuring the unique voice of[Little Sonny Brown] one of the classic Sixties groups.
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    Is That So?

    Johnny Carter was a member of the[Flamingoes]before his success in[The Dells].
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    the drifters

    Can't forget-The Dells- Hank Ballard & The Midnighters..
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    Crusin-Smokey Robinson
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    Favorite TV shows thread

    Not much good on these days for me, but I like[Blue Bloods] for some reason it holds my interest.
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    Is That So?

    The soul classic[Inseperable] was offered to[Aretha]but she turned it down.. Natalie Cole didn't.

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