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    Ediscreation's Firebird LPS - Another splash for CAS audiophiles

    May I know if the Firebird used with the cybershaft was with a custom voltage or 12V ? (as it seems Cybershaft is recommending 14V ) Thanks Alex
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    LampizatOr Horizon - Tube Rolling Paradise

    I am sure. I "just" need to find a reliable tube seller of NOS tubes as so far I only bought "modern production" tubes for my gears...
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    LampizatOr Horizon - Tube Rolling Paradise

    Thank you for sharing ! Now that many people had their Horizon for some time, I was wondering if we could briefly share the combo we are using ( and list what wehave tried ). On my side, didn't do much tube rolling yet... - Recti : Tak 274B ( tried KR 5U4G RK and EML 274B) - Output : TS KT170...
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    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    Yes I’m Volts. 2V and 6V but it’s customisable I guess. Also this is valid for the output tubes you chose initially. Would you change afterwards the output tubes the absolute voltage will be different. I would suggest to target 6V with the tubes with the highest gain ( KR242) ( or go with the...
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    Lampi GG/Pac owners, downstream electronics list

    Lampi Pac ( KR242) ==> Viva Solista Lampi Pac ( KR242) ==> Viva Linea==> Soulution 711 Lampi Pac ( KR242) ==> Bespoke ==> Soulution 711 Lampi Pac ( KR242) ==> Soulution 725 ( too much gain if no VC however) ==> Soulution 711
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    Speaker decoupling options

    I did not update the thread but I chose to order Townshend platforms. And would they not be a good fit , I would try another solution… Well, after a few months with them, I can say without any hesitation that it tremendously help in my situation! Bass are tighter but not “tight” . Sounds much...
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    Speaker Recommendation up to 70K

    I would add Goebel ( demoed with CH P electronics in Munich ) and YG ( I am biased…) to your list but the only piece of audio gear I wouldn’t buy « blind » are speakers .
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    Speaker decoupling options

    I am ordering a couple of options. Will receive them next week. Let’s see…
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    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    I can concur that adding tube dampers to KR 242 tubes is significantly reducing the microphony. I did it following the advice of some members here. I am trying to make a recap of the different combo ( output + recti) tested. Based on my reading, seems the KR242 is leading the pack in terms of...
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    Top of the Line Tube Amplifier Companies?

    Viva Audio and Riviera Labs from Italy !
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    Speaker decoupling options

    I was feeling some kind of resonance and “smears”. I could feel low frequency pressure from the floor ( I don’t know if this is impacting the flat downstairs as well as “luckily” for me it’s empty). In my previous flat, I never had this sensation. I have big rugs between and in front of the...
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    Speaker decoupling options

    Thanks all for your answers. The provided spikes are around 5cm high so as long as the new footers/platforms are close to this height, I should be “fine”. I have contacted both Townshend Audio and A/V Room service but as I am living in HK ,I won’t be able to use the return policy I believe. I...
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    Speaker decoupling options

    Hi all, I am trying to identify the different ways to decouple my speakers from the floor ( I moved into a new flat and the floor is very different: tiles of “poor” quality, relatively bouncy floor. I am renting so I can’t fix the problem at the source ) . Right now, my speakers ( YG Sonja 2.2)...
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    Preamp choice for GoldeGate2 and ATC SCM50 (~20-25k)

    Having listened to many preamps with a Lampi Pacific DAC ( no experience with the GG2 sorry), I can say that Viva Audio Linea preamp is a very good choice as well in this budget ( transparent, dynamic) . Riviera preamp is a very good preamp as well (probably a bit “richer” but never listened...
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    Divin Marquis to the Max

    I heard for the first time today Goebel speakers ( Divin Marquis) and I have been very impressed ! Very balanced speakers with refinement, clarity, tight,fast and layered bass. And it was in show condition . The upstream gears were definitely playing a role as well ( Wadax for digital and two...
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    Best matching tube preamplifier for Dan D’Agostino s250 amplifier

    Never tried with DAG amps but VAC and the less popular Viva Audio brand are doing very good tube preamps. A
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    Listening room advice

    I am definitely not listening at concert level but still relatively loud. Regarding bass, let’s say that as long as I do not have muddy bass and/or annoying resonance at my average sound level I would be already satisfied. I could potentially add a second sub ( would I go for the smaller room)...
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    Listening room advice

    Thanks for your answer ! I did not move yet but if I want to enjoy some flexibility I would need to put the gears in the bedroom then. ( in the living room, the flexibility to move speakers/listening position would be almost null...) Alex
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    Dartzeel and Headphones

    Hello, I am a recent adept of listening headphones with speakers amps and I am extremely satisfied with this choice. However this solution needs to be cautiously implemented: - if your headphones are very easy to drive then you would need a low power amp (and extremely quiet) otherwise you...
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    Listening room advice

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice as I will be moving in a new flat allowing me to have a bit more flexibility regarding my listening room . A) Currently all my gears ( for stereo and home theater duties) 4M Width * 8.5M Length * 3.3M height ) are in the living room ( 4M Width * 8.5M...
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    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    Wonderful system Anil.Nice DAC and nice amp ( I like Viva Audio as well ) . I would suggest to try the followings: 1) try to put the Orbi satellite meters away using a longer Ethernet cable and see if there is any improvement. 2) use the USB input and removing entirely the Ethernet cable from...
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Hi all, My turn to share my still very recent experience with TAS. Setup two days ago and listened only with headphones for the time being. ( with my speakers from tomorrow ) And ouch , despite having huge expectations following all the reading here , the improvement is just HUGE : sense of...
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    YG Hailey 2.2 + CMS CenterStage2 LS footers : Mind-blowing!

    Eagerly waiting for the solution for Sonja speakers. I was so disappointed when I realised I could not give the CMS footers a try on my Sonja... Alex
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    Best headphone under 10k$

    I totally agree with this. SR1A is giving you tight and fast bass but compared to the Susvara for instance you don’t get the same impact. It’s a different sensation. I did not have the chance to listen to it yet but seems the Abyss TC is one of the best for the bass giving you the perfect trio ...
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    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    My PAC is a bit more than one year old so pretty new yes. I can only change the gain with that button ( very convenient option by the way if you have no VC) and on my side I am always switching off my PAC when not in use. Only weekend I can keep it on all day long but I am switching it off...
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    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Hello I have also a Pac SE no VC. In my case , I have a on/off switch at the bottom of the PAC next to the IEC and a button on the bottom surface of the PAC ( close to the front) . This button is changing the gain of the DAC output ( 2V/6V) Alex
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    Who has what responsibility when a home audition is requested?

    I can concur that getting home demo trial in Hong Kong is definitely not a given but fortunately it’s still doable ( with or without deposit/ at cost or not) once obviously you built a trustful relationship with the dealer. And once this is built, I am really impressed by the high level of care...
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    YG Hailey 2.2, Magico M2 or Avantgarde Duo XD ?

    The Nagra HD preamp is definitely on my “to test dream list” ( with the CH L10) but for the time being it will stay a “dream”... In terms of valve preamp , I can recommend the Viva Linea preamp which is very transparent and dynamic still giving you texture and bloom . However it’s a preamp...
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    YG Hailey 2.2, Magico M2 or Avantgarde Duo XD ?

    Unfortunately I can’t ...

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