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    Jonathan Valin the best audio writer, EVER.

    It seems that his SSL certificate has expired on November 12. Nothing malicious. Something must have gone wrong with the "Lets' Encrypt" process that should auto renew the certificate.
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    Magnepan 30.7

    Here is my evaluation of Jonathan Valin's credibility in his review of the Magneplanar 30.7:
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    Jonathan Valin the best audio writer, EVER.

    I wrote this comment on the absolute sound site for the "Magnepan 30.7 Loudspeaker, Part One" but it was quickly deleted as spam even though it was not spam. I think they just did not like what I had to say. So posting it here. My comments point out some glaring issues and inconstancies with...
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    CJ Announces GAT Series 2 turntable wrote: "Remember this from CES 2003. Apparently cj have enough parts to make several pairs. conrad-johnson GAT Amplifier ($38,000) is the company's first venture...
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    CJ Announces GAT Series 2

    It will be interesting to find out the results. Regarding "filament voltage should be between 7 and 7.6V", I have been investigating further and it seems that for early Philips PCC88 the heater voltage was nominally specified at 7V (datasheets up to 1958), and later the specification changed...
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    CJ Announces GAT Series 2

    From the information that I have been able to gather, I would suggest that this resister change is not required for original GAT in order to use 7DJ8/PCC88. Not that it is not a good idea, I am just suggesting that it is not strictly required. Not changing the heater voltage and using PCC88...

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