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    Lost tapes from major musicians are out there. These guys find them

    Mike, Very interesting story. Thanks for the link.
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    AXPONA 2024 Ron Reporting

    Looks big until you notice the Auditorium off in the background.
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    AXPONA 2024 Ron Reporting

    Put that together and make it work. Ha
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    Why are the WBF servers so slow?

    I don’t know why, but I thought that the new server was already on line. Now I understand I was wrong.
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    The Aurora's are coming.

    I wish it was, but it is not working for me.
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    'BEST' Garden hose

    Great article. I have a Craftsman hose that is 10+ years old and is fantastic. Sears sold off the brand many years ago and Craftsman hose’s made for Amazon since that time were not the same quality at all.
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    The Aurora's are coming.

    Will, what a beautiful system and installation. Thanks for sharing it with us. Can't wait to hear more after a month or two of break-in and settling.
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    TAD M1000 vs M2500 thoughts?

    I think the TAD will synergize best with your ME-1s; good choice. Really like my C2000; it has a great DAC too. Have thought of giving MSB a try, but have not as of yet.
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    What are the Top Horn Speakers in the World Today? Vox Olympian vs Avantgarde Trio vs ???

    @Willgolf Stunning photos. Can't wait to hear more about your system on your thread. I noticed in your signature you state you are using a Horizon, but looks like to me in the photo you have the Kassandra.
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    Upgrading from Vitus RI-101 mkII with TAD speakers

    @Ricco275 See my comments on your other thread.
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    TAD M1000 vs M2500 thoughts?

    @Ricco275 First of all, haven't heard the M1000. So I can't compare. But I've lived with the M2500 Mk1 for six years or so. I can tell you that I've heard my E1s with the Luxman 509X & M900u/C900u combo, Pass INT60 & I think INT200, Burmester 032 integrated, and Burmester 909 MkV. Only the...
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    Beliefs About Time and Money

    This. I have this mindset; you can't take it with you anyway. I'm also pretty close to the 'tipping point', and pretty excited about it!
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    Ethernet Switch for only one component?

    Interesting that Mike Lavorgna published an unfavorable review on this combo.
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    The Aurora's are coming.

    So you have two things to look forward to! Pretty cool looking scooter you have there Will.
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    Visit to Mike Lavigne's house

    Your avatar photo is very good. And love the photos of your home you’ve posted as well.
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    The Aurora's are coming.

    Nobody driving the vehicle sitting behind them either! Really excited to read about the setup and first listening impressions Will.
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    The Aurora's are coming.

    @Willgolf Great story Will. Very inspiring. I truly hope the final result is much more than you have hoped for. Cheers
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    Sonus Faber Suprema Flagship Loudspeaker $750,000

    I had 601s around 1984-5. Wiki says Bose was established in 1964; I didn’t know it was that early.
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    The Aurora's are coming.

    @Willgolf Very happy for you. Can’t wait to read all about it!
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    2023 BMW X1 SUV

    Not the ‘ultimate driving experience’ I’m looking for!
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    Does your family know what your system's worth?

    Well then, you might just get a fishin’ buddy out of that!
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    Riviera Labs AFM-100 SE Class A Monoi amplifiers- something new and different

    Wow, beautiful room Elliot. Love the black components. Really enjoying this threa.
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    New Zellaton Reference Ultra series

    No cake is a deal breaker!
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    Grounding system Shunyata Altaira vs Synergistic Research vs Nordost

    Will be interested in your report on this addition to your system.
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    Best speakers at low volume

    I have had the TAD E-1s for around 5 years now and am in love with them. I have listened fairly extensively to the ME-1 and R-1 and some to the CE-1s. So I know what they sound like. As to playing music at reasonable levels, I feel the Evolution amp/DAC + matching amp plays very well at lower...
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    You can’t blame a dog can ya?!
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    Merry Christmas '23

    To all, a very Merry Christmas indeed.
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    Taiko Audio Systems Gallery

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    Taiko Audio Systems Gallery


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