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    U2 at Tiny Desk -just the basics

    It's 4:30 am here and I have not watched a Tiny Desk for at least two years. Thanks!
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    What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)

    Literature from a local audio dealer tauted the Bauer as a German + US collaborative effort. Ayre Audio of the US supplies a pure analog, no-feedback design for the power supply. I think In the US market, that's how it is paired. Art Dudley published a very positive review of the DPS.
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    BMC MCCI Phonostage

    @Bonesy Jonesy There are a few recent threads over at Audiogon on current mode e.g. BMC MCCI, Channel D, ...etc. vs voltage mode, as well as various current mode preamps compare. I have a Channel D Lino 2.2 and will be upgrading to 3.3 next year. Rob Robinson of Channel D has another...
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    Abbas phono

    I am an audio product consumer, not a DIY builder, so strictly from the outside looking in.... I bought a used MFA Luminescence preamp many years ago. It was an all octal tube design with separate tubed power supply. The preamp was entirely hand soldered and a thing of beauty even to an...

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