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    You're right pj. My mistake. I was thinking of someone else while I was typing.
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    I started out with DH labs a good while ago and still have a couple of pair around here somewhere. But trust me, a solid, as pure as possible copper cable will have the sparkle. I'm the same way. I like that little sparkle on top of the music too, and perhaps my speaker cables provide it. But...
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable

    Whats the price of the callisto usb and where can you buy them?
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    I'm using Acoustic Zen Reference Matrix 2 between ATI amp and Modwright swl 9.0. It'a an all copper wire I've used for a while. I've tried Harmonic Tech, Synergistic Research, and Morrow Audio over the years but always come to AZ. I like the sound of copper IC's . I have Clear Day speaker...

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